SMU's great practices need to carry over

SMU held a two hour spirited practice Tuesday morning, leaving first year head coach pleased with his team's efforts. Jones is looking for his team to play as well on gameday as they practice. This is something that the Mustangs have had problems doing so far this fall. Go inside for a detailed practice report of Tuesday's session.

Getting younger guys to play like they practice hasn't been the easiest transition for June Jones at SMU this fall.

Jones stated Monday in his weekly press conference and again after Tuesday's practice that it was definitely an issue the Mustangs have been faced with this season.

"Several of the guys practice extremely well and then they get into a game situation and don't do as well," Jones said. "Bo practices extremely well, he seems to over think things too much during the game. The fog of war is what we call it; kids press too much mentally and draw blanks."

Jones was pleased with the effort of his players and the improvement he saw after Tuesday's two hour spirited practice.

"You can't fault these guys' efforts all season," Jones said. "They always practice extremely hard; I definitely see things that make me feel we are getting a little better each day."

Jones admitted that one thing that has disappointed him the most this season is the lack of production of the running game.

The veteran coach admitted that an area he hopes to see immediate improvement in.

"I think it's a mixture of things," Jones said. "It's a combination of factors. The offensive line may be concentrating too much on pass blocking. Our offensive line hasn't done a bad job overall, we just need to focus on our running game more in the future."

With the suspension of defensive end Anthony Sowe for the UCF ballgame, Jones said that the Mustangs will use a team approach at the position.

"We will rotate several guys in at the position and see who has a good game," Jones said. "Adrian Dizer and Taylor Thompson will probably see some action there."

Defensive coordinator Tom Mason also said that he was excited to see Dizer back in the mix after being dinged up early in the year.

"It's great to get Adrian back," Mason said. "He will help a lot this week with Anthony being out. We also are excited to see what Taylor Thompson can do."

SMU travels to Orlando Florida this weekend to take on Central Florida, for the Mustangs second straight road game.

"We will have to be at our best," Jones said. "They have a lot of talent, they are struggling right now, but don't let that fool you they still have some great athletes."

Loftin plays with pain

True freshman Cole Loftin broke his collar bone on his second catch of the TCU game. He made three other catches for a total of five for the game and played the entire contest without telling the trainers how bad he was feeling. Stay tuned for a special feature story on the talented wide out. The talented wide out had surgery last week and will be out for the rest of the season.

Practice makes perfect

Braden Smith has always been one of the more accurate passers on the SMU football team. After practice Tuesday the true freshman stayed on his own after practice. He set up a trash can in the middle of the field and threw over 50 passes to work on his accuracy. At one point he was hitting the barrel from over 45 yards away.

No alibis and No excuses

This statement could be heard being shouted by special team's coordinator Frank Gansz throughout practice Tuesday morning. As the Mustangs ran full speed drills, Gansz, who is known as a great motivator, challenged the team to step its performance not only today but on Saturday against UCF.

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