SMU commit Williams through his coaches eyes is proud to present a new feature where we present each one of the SMU's commitments through the eyes of their high school's head football coach. Who knows these prospects better than their coaches, in our first feature we look at West Rusk defensive end Braylon Williams. We talked to head coach John Frazier to get his thoughts on Williams. is proud to present a new feature presenting the High School Head Coach prospective of his player currently committed to SMU.

We ask each coach 11 questions in efforts to help Mustang fans to get to know who will be playing for SMU next season through the eyes of their coaches.

Who knows the player better than his head coach? These head coaches have usually spent several years watching the athlete grow up and develop into a great high school player. These questions will give our readers better insight of each young man.

Our first feature will begin with Braylon Williams, a 6-foot-4, 235-pound defensive end/tight end from West Rusk High School. It's easy to see when speaking to his head coach John Frazier that the two have a special relationship and bond.

1. Describe what kind of football player Braylon is. He is a young, raw athletic versatile player. He is so young (just turned 17 in late August) and has a lot of growing left to do.

2. What are his strengths as a football player? I would have to say his football savvy is his biggest strength. His body frame at 6-foot-4 and 235-pounds and his eight and half foot wing span is definitely a strength. He has great endurance, he plays on both sides of the ball for us, and he is a great competitor.

3. What are his weaknesses? I would have to say his speed could be considered a weakness. He runs the forty in the high 4.8's to 4.9, some consider that a weakness at the D1 level.

4. On and off the football field what type of person is Braylon? He is a young man of high character. He has a great personality and has a great heart. To give you an example, my five year old son had a fit for me to invite Braylon to his birthday party; he is like a member of my family.

5. What is his potential at the D1 level, what position do you see him playing at the next level? I actually think that he is a NFL type tight end. A great thing about him being so young, SMU will be able to mold him into the position they need him the most at. He has a lot more growing to do. He has a tremendous work ethic.

6. What has Braylon meant to your team? We are currently undefeated at 7-0; Braylon is our top leader on our team on and off the field. He makes sure the younger players do the right things on the field and in the classroom. He also leads by example.

7. What NFL or top college player does he remind you of? That's a hard one; I would have to say Shannon Sharpe.

8. Knowing Braylon as well as you do, how likely is he to stay committed to SMU and sign with the Mustangs on signing day? That's an easy one. I would say 99.9 percent sure; he really has developed a great relationship with Coach Tim Hundley. I really like Coach Hundley a lot also, if Braylon was my son (which he is very close to being like my son) I wouldn't hesitate or worry about turning my son over to Coach Hundley to raise for the next four or five years.

9. How has Braylon done on the field so far this season for you (stats, etc.)? He turned his ankle about three weeks ago and we haven't played him on defense for the last two weeks. In five games he has had 27 tackles, four sacks and 9 hurries. We don't throw the ball at all on offense so he is more of a blocker, but he has great hands and catch anything that we throw his way.

10. Anything you would like to add about Braylon. He has a great mother that has trusted me with being Braylon's mentor, coach and friend. He is a great young man, I can't stress that enough, I think by the time he is 19 or 20 he will be a beast for SMU. He has the potential to be one of the all time greats for the Mustangs.

11. Your thoughts of June Jones and how SMU is recruiting the state of Texas and your high school. June Jones realizes the importance of developing great relationships with the high school coaches in the state. He and his staff have done as good a job doing that than any of the tops schools in the state or country. Everyone has faith that Coach Jones will turn around the SMU program, he has earned my trust. Coach Jones has done a tremendous job surrounding himself with a great coaching staff, I couldn't ask for anyone better than Coach Hundley to recruit my school.

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