Sofele relates well with SMU's June Jones

June Jones took a trip to Utah this week to visit two of the Mustangs top prospects remaining on the SMU recruiting board. Go inside to see what the Mustang chances are in landing Isi Sofele and Asi Hosea. The home visit consisted of the SMU coaching staff getting a chance to eat dinner in the Sofele home and getting to know the entire family a lot better.

Relating to your coaches is very important, especially when a high school prospect is searching for a new home for the next four to five years.

College coaches who recruit well normally relate really well with their players and the prospects they recruit. This is the case for June Jones at Southern Methodist University.

Jones took a home visit to Utah Wednesday night to visit two top prospects on the Mustang's radar.

Isi Sofele is one of the top running backs on the SMU recruiting board, Isi's cousin Asi Hosea, a defensive back also has an official offer from the Mustangs.

"It was awesome," Sofele told Thursday night. "Coach Jones and Coach (Derrick) Odum came by for a home visit. He visited me and my cousin Asi at the same time."

The SMU coaches got a chance to enjoy dinner at the Sofele home, eating some rice and some Chinese food.

"Coach Jones said it reminded him of back in Hawaii," Sofele said. "I really feel very comfortable around Coach Jones. He has been around my culture for a long time; he realizes what we are all about. He is a good man to work with and to play for."

According to Sofele, it will come down to two teams for his services. He has said for a while now that it will come down between Washington and SMU. It appears that the Mustangs picked up some valuable ground on the Cougars after the home visit.

"SMU definitely picked up a lot of ground after this visit," Sofele said. "Washington has had a little edge, now it's a complete toss up, it will be a very tough decision for me."

When will Sofele make a decision and is his cousin likely to join him where ever he chooses to go?

"We will take an official visit to SMU January 23, we will probably commit right after that," Sofele said. "We want to go to the same school together, so whoever gets one of us will get both of us."

Sofele, who is being recruited as a running back for the Mustangs, said that Jones compared the talented Utah running back to some that the veteran coach is familiar with.

"He told me that I remind him a lot of Barry Sanders," Sofele said. "That is a true compliment coming from someone who coached Barry."

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