Q&A: Wide Receiver Cole Beasley

Often the smallest guy on the field last season, wide receiver Cole Beasley is working hard to beef up his sophomore year. Last year, the Little Elm native caught 42 passes for 3 touchdowns. Come inside PonyStampede.com for a 1on1 interview with Beasley.

How are off-season workouts going so far?

CB: "They are going real well right now. The off-season is big for me right now because I was a little under weight last year. I was pretty much the smallest guy out there most of the time. It's really important for me and I'm trying to get 180 pounds."

What are you weighing right now?

CB: "I weight 174 right now. Last year I was playing at 163. So I have already bulked up a little bit."

Are the workouts different then you expected?

CB: "It's been pretty much what I expected. The coaches work us pretty hard out there. They make us do our sprints and stuff. It's pretty much right on with what I expected."

You guys return everyone of your top receivers and you have some great receiving recruts coming in. What are your thoughts on the group of receivers next year?

CB: "We should be really good. The biggest thing about Coach Jones' offense is the receivers need experience running it in the games. As a receiver you have to make a lot of reads in the game. I will be a lot more comfortable. Now that we have a year under our belts and we will be a lot more comfortable."

I want to get your thoughts on Emmanuel Sanders playing in the secondary a little bit?

CB: "He is a really great athlete. I think he is perfectly capable of doing that. I don't think it is a bad idea at all."

How excited are you for spring ball and what are the upper classmen saying about the time of the year?

CB: "I'm ready for it to be right now. I want to get back out….They really don't know what to expect because Coach Jones got there just shortly before last spring. They don't know what to think, but I think it should be good.

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