SMU-Tulsa Notebook

With the loss, SMU is now 2-12 in Conference USA and 8-19 overall. How did SMU lose a 14 point lead last night? Find out inside with's SMu-Tulsa notebook!

This team is getting better…
Let me first to say that I think this team is getting way better. Every game this team teams gains much valuable experience. Right now I think that is the only thing this team is lacking. Experience gets you buckets late in the second half, experience gives you the ability to stop the other team's run, experience gives you the ability to not panic. Right now experience is what this team needs.

Paul McCoy does it again…
Another great game for Paul last night as he scores 16 points on 7 for 11 shooting. I hope SMU fans really realize how special of a player he is. With offers from Kentucky and Virginia, SMU probably had no business getting him in their current state. I think he would even be a better play if he wasn't this team's first option. Defenses have it in for him all night especially in the second half. One thing I have noticed the last couple games is when things go bad in the second half, the team sometimes gives the ball to Paul and gets out of his way. I really think it frustrates him because the defense is already focused so much on him.

Stop with the conditioning emails and privates…
I have been asked by multiple SMU fans if the reason for the Mustangs late collapses have been conditioning. I can tell you one thing, NO! This team is fine and right where it needs to be conditioning wise at this point in the season. The reason for the late collapses goes back to the first thing I said in this post. The Mustangs don't have the experience playing with a lead. They are not playing to bury their opponent, but more to not lose the lead. Don't worry Mustang fans. This team will pull one of these ones out and then it is full gear from there. One game and build a lot of confidence for a young team. They just need one win close win against a good top C-USA team to build on.

The rebounding battle goes to Tulsa
A day after Coach Doherty praised his team for their rebounding efforts this season, I'm sure he wasn't happy last night. After outrebounding Tulsa 19-18 in the first half, the Ponies lost the rebounding battle 44-29. Tulsa had 13 offensive boards in the second half. That is plain ridiculous. You can't win ball games give up that many rebounds. Especially when you have a post size like the Mustangs do. They have to work on this.

Bamba did a great job on Jordan…
Bamba did a great job last night on fellow seven footer Jerome Jordan. Jordan is averring over 17 points a game in C-USA play. He had 0 points at half and was held to just 7 in the second (most off offensive boards). Fall did a great job focusing his attention to shutting him down. The Mustangs did what they needed to do win against a top tier team in the conference. Shut down their best scorer. They just couldn't keep anyone else in check in the second half.

Where did the ball movement go…
I commented a few times in the chat last night that I was impressed with SMU's ball movement in the first half. Derek Williams did a great job getting this team to move the ball on the perimeter and find open looks. Unfortunately it went away in the second half. Coach Doherty started to have Williams/McCoy pick and roll with Bamba. It worked a couple times because Jordan couldn't defend it, but Tulsa made defensive adjustments.

Living and dying by the three…
In the first half the Mustangs were 5-11 from three point land helping them jump out to a 38-29 lead. The second half it was a different story. With the ball movement not being the same, SMU wasn't able to get as many good looks from the outside. In the second half, they went 0-10 form the outside. If SMU knocks down one or two threes in early in the second half, they probably win the game.

Quote of the night from Coach Doh….
"You have to build some depth so where in a couple years a guy like Paul McCoy is maybe coming off the bench opposed to starting. Or a guy like Robert Nyakundi is coming off the bench versus starting."

If Coach Doherty is serious and can get talent that would force McCoy to the bench, it would be quiet impressive.

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