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The Westlake Austin Chaps are one of the most storied high school football programs in Texas. It is clear that June Jones and crew are making it a priority to make a presence in Westlake. On Sunday, PonyStampede.com talked with one Chaps player who is getting interest from SMU. Who is it? How much is he hearing from the Mustangs? If you don't have a premium membership you are missing out!

Westlake Austin linebacker Ellis Glaw has come to grips with the fact that he will probably not be a NFL prospect one day, but that doesn't stop Glaw from wanting to be the best college player he can be. A somewhat undersized outside linebacker, Glaw recorded 88 tackles, 1 interception, and 4 forced fumbles last year for the Chaps.

"I definitely want to work on putting more weight on this summer. The thing I have over most of these bigger guys is that I'm a lot faster (4.52-forty) than them. I feel like I can be 5'11, 200 pounds and keep up with these guys, but that is not what they (D-1 coaches) want," stated Glaw to PonyStampede.com. "You have to do what they want and what they think will be a good player. I know nothing, I'm 17 years old and these guys have been doing it their whole life."

A humble high school junior, Glaw currently has no offers but is receiving interest from SMU, Baylor, Texas Tech, Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. A couple weeks ago, the linebacker came to SMU junior day and walked away very impressed.

"I think it would be awesome to be part of SMU. I really like what June Jones is doing with the program. I think he is going to turn it around," said Glaw. "I went up there for junior day and have been there a couple times for games. You can really see the talent that they are starting to bring in. They will be a team to caution with in the next couple of years."

After talking with recruits, most of them say the same story. This coaching staff is great at making kids feel SMU genuinely cares about them. Ellis Glaw is no different.

"I love the coaches. I love Coach Mason the defensive coordinator and I love Coach Hill, my area recruiter. They are all nice guys and go out of their way to make sure everything is good when I'm there," said Glaw. "It seems like they care about me because I'm a potential player for them, but also because they are nice guys."

So does Glaw feel like he is close to getting an offer from the Mustangs?

"I don't know. When I was there Coach Mason kept telling me to put on weight, put on weight. He seemed really excited about it. I talked to him after everything winded down and he seems to really like me and is excited about me," said Glaw. "I know I'm really excited about it. I don't want to say they are close, but I don't know."

Westlake Austin finished the season 9-5 overall and lost to Clark in the 5A quarterfinals. With the graduation of running back Ryan Swope (a Texas A&M commit), Glaw will get the chance to get some carries next year out of the backfield.

"I'm definitely excited about it. Until I got to playing varsity football, I was playing more running back than linebacker," said Glaw.

So when does Glaw expect to make a decision?

"If it is a school that I'm thinking about saying yes to, I wouldn't mind getting it out of the way. I don't want to keep people waiting," said Glaw. "I would hate to have people hang up on me and say that you waited to long and we are giving it to someone else. So I would definitely not mind getting it out of the way early."

Currently Glaw has a high B grade point average and will be very interested in his future college's academic prestige.

"The thing I really like about SMU is I love the Dallas Fort Worth Area. I have accepted the fact that it's very unlikely for me to become a NFL prospect and go to the NFL," said Glaw. "SMU offers a great education and I really think that is awesome."

PonyStampede.com will have more Ellis Glaw updates as they become available.

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