SMU Heads To The C-USA Tourney!

March Madness is here! Can the Mustangs make a run? They have been playing better basketball as of late. Earlier today talked with Coach Matt Doherty over the phone to get his thoughts on this week's C-USA tourney. What is the status of Paul McCoy? What will he be telling this young team on Wednesday? The answers are all inside!

Well first off coach just tell me a little about practice today?

Coach Doh: "It went good, it started off a little slow, which it is usually the case after a day off, but the guys picked it up have a good frame of mind."

A lot of young guys on this team, do you think they are mentally ready for a conference tournament?

Coach Doh: "Yeah I think so, I think they will be ready to play on Wednesday."

Talk a little about Paul, he didn't play Wednesday because of that ankle injury. It sounded like he could have in an emergency situation. How did he look today?

Coach Doh: "He didn't do anything. He kept rehabbing it. He sat on the sidelines. We wanted to make sure he didn't anything to make it worse. He will go a little bit tomorrow and be ready for it on Wednesday."

In his absence some guys some more substantial playing time and made use of it. Robert Nyakundi really stepped up along Justin Haynes. Talk a little about those guys.

Coach Doh: "Justin played very well. He's really young. He could be a senior in high school, but I think he could be an all-league player when it's all said and done.

It's always hard to beat a team three times in a row, but more importantly you just saw Houston on Saturday night. What did you see from the game tape that you know will have to do better to pull out a win on Wednesday night?

Coach Doh: "We need to keep Coleman under wraps the whole 40 minutes. He had 22 points in the second half. Houston shot the ball extremely well. We have to do a better job not turning over the ball. We only gave up 15, we have been averaging about 14, but they turned those into 24 points."

You guys are 1-3 in the conference tourney since joining C-USA. A lot of young guys on this team. What do you tell them tomorrow and all day on Wednesday when they are mentally getting ready for the game?

Coach Doh: "I think in the excitement of March, one game can create a lot of momentum. I will talk to them about Georgia last year. They ran the SEC tournament last year. We'll talk about how there is no pressure on us and how it's all on Houston.

Good luck coach, before we let you go, how many suits are you packing?

Coach Doh: "I'm packing for four games."

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