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June Jones Run and Shoot offense is one of the major reasons that one of the area's top 2009 wide receivers chose the Mustangs. caught up with three star prospect Chayse Joubert of Duncanville High School earlier this week. Come inside to see how his workouts are going! Has he dropped time off his forty? If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

Back in October, Chayse Joubert became the 21st pledge for June Jones' 2009 recruiting class. Now Joubert is working out in his hometown of Duncanville, anxiously waiting to hit campus.

I'm really excited. It's going to be a whole different experience for me. I'm so excited to get out on my own and start playing college football," stated Joubert to "To be responsible for myself and to be my own man is great."

A three-star prospect, Joubert had offers from SMU and Miami (FL). He chose the Mustangs because of June Jones, and now hears it everyday from friends and family that he made the right choice.

"People keep asking me, ‘are you serious, you're gonna play for June Jones?', they tell me what a great opportunity I have playing for such a great coach. They tell me that I'm really going to enjoy it, and to live the experience to the fullest."

After spending much of the year at 175 pounds. The wide receiver has hit the weight room hard this off-season and is now up to 185 pounds. Combine that with his 6-foot frame and 4.34 self reported forty, and you have a true freshman that could make an impact really soon.

"I'm really working on my mechanics as a runner and really trying to work on my routes. I'm going back to all the basics," said the Duncanville product. "I'm running track to keep my speed up and I'm working hard with the personal trainer that I have. We are doing a lot of speed drills and hitting the weight room hard…..4.34 is my most recent forty, but it's cold outside. Once the climate changes and it gets a little warmer, I think it's going to drop a little bit. The fastest time that I have ever ran is a 4.29."

All 2009 recruits now have a workout program designed by SMU. How is Joubert adjusting to his new plan?

"It's not that different. A lot of the drills are the same drills that I was doing during the school year," said Joubert. "The weight has increased and there are more reps, but they are the same things."

Joubert will soon begin workouts with 2009 SMU quarterback recruit Kyle Padron. The two will workout whenever they can, working on timing and routes. The two often exchange messages throughout the week. Who else is the wide receiver talking to these days?

"I talk to Darius Johnson quiet often. We are both are running in track so I talk to him a lot about how he is doing," aid Joubert. "Since we are both receivers we also talk about the drills and stuff because we are both playing the same position."

It's been over a month and half since Joubert officially signed on the dotted line with SMU. Since then, his life has seemed to return too normal. A feeling that the wide receiver has missed.

"It has been really relaxed. Before the recruiting period was over, it was really stressful with people calling and stuff. It has been nice to just sit back and have some peace," said Joubert.

Joubert will hit a few spring practices on Saturdays, but will not be able to make any practices during the week. will be tracking all of Chase Joubert's progress during the fall. Stay tuned!

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