Coaches Eyes: D.J. Jones

As SMU tries to land a stud running back in the 2010 recruiting class, it looks like their biggest target is Denison's D.J. Jones. Who knows the running back better than his coach? caught up with Denison's Cody White to get his thoughts on his star back! If you don't have a premium memebership, you are missing out!

Just talk about what type of back D.J. was for you guys last year?
"Well he did just about everything. He runs well. He is a powerful runner and is very competitive. I would say he was about 40% of our offense last season."

Is there anything that you would like to see him work on before next season as his coach?
"It would probably be catching the football. I think his work ethic needs to improve a bit. It's not that he is lazy, we work extremely hard. I came up in coaching in coaching with Scott Smith over at Rockwall, so we work hard. He just needs to pay a little more attention to details in practice. He has improved every year, so I don't see why he wouldn't this year."

What would you say that his biggest strength is as a running back?
"His vision. Some kids have it and some don't. That is the gift of the good ones. He is the best one that I have had as far as where the cut needs to be made."

What is he like off the field coach?
"He is a good kid and has good character. He comes from a good family. He is very well spoken. He has a job and works pretty consistently at that. He plays basketball and runs track. He stays pretty busy."

What schools have offered him at this point?
"He has been offered from SMU, Minnesota, Kansas, Kansas State, Tech, Arkansas, and Texas A&M."

What do you know about SMU at this point? What are your thoughts when it comes to SMU as a possible place for him?
"I don't get into that with my kids. All I tell them is that if they want my advice then they can ask. To me it's a lot more important if they feel comfortable at the campus."

"My biggest encouragement to him is that he visits every school he can before he makes a decision. As far as that goes, I know he is interested in SMU, he has told me he likes the school. We have played down there in a playoff game, but to be honest with you, I don't feel he is going to commit early."

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