Coaches Eyes: Pat Faulk

Why wouldn't you want a guy that is athletic enough to play multiple positions at the next level? That is why SMU is targeting Pat Faulk. Who knows the athlete better than his coach? caught up with Kerens Russell Anderson to get his thoughts on his star player! Come inside for a free report!

As a coach, what kind of player has he been for you?
"He has been just a great athlete and he is a tough kid. He is able to be a top sport athlete in any sport he plays. That is rare. He rushed for 2,094 yards and threw for 1,595 yards."

What schools are showing him interest at the next level.
"He has been offered by SMU and Nebraska. Arizona, Stanford, Baylor, and TCU are also showing lots of interest. Those ones are the ones that have called. There are numerous other schools that have been sending him letters an showing some interest."

What are schools offering him as, and what do you think that he would flourish in at the next level?
"They are recruiting him as an athlete. In my personal opinion, he would be a slot receiver or a corner. He played wide receiver as a freshman."

Does he have an early list of favorites that he is considering?
"I don't think he has narrowed it down yet. He didn't get a lot of interest early, and it's all suddenly starting to hit him. I don't think he has it widowed down very much."

Are there some things as a coach you would like to see him improve on before next season?
"Pat always works very hard on his grades, and he is working really hard on getting his GPA up. As a football player. I would like to see him get a little stronger and add some weight."

Do you know how much interest he has in SMU at the moment?
"He is interested in SMU. His dad and a family friend took him up there during spring break for a visit. It wasn't an official visit or anything, but he walked away very impressed."

What is his biggest strength as a football player?
"His open field running ability. He has great speed, with a 4.47 in the forty, but his vision and open field running ability is really good. He has the ability to stand steal and get up to full speed real quick!

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