SMU Eying A Texas Long Snapper?

This Texas high school long snapper could be the best in the 2010 recruiting class! Who is it? Has he visited in the Hilltop? Who is looking at him currently? Find out all the answers inside If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

It's not always the position that gets all the glory, but the long snapper is one of the most important positions on the field. Many think they can do it, few can actually pull it off. Lake Travis long snapper/linebacker Trevor Gillette (6'3, 220) was on the Hilltop two weeks ago, and found his trip to be quite enjoyable.

"Besides for the rain, it went really well. I enjoyed watching their practice and talking with all the coaches," stated Gillette to "It was a beautiful campus with a lot of pretty girls. It was a really nice stadium, and I like how they are known for their great academics."

Gillette is regarded as one of the best long snappers in the 2010 recruiting class. Back in January, the junior was selected in the Top 12 at the 7th annual Chris Sailer National Kicking & Snapping Event. The excellent finish has schools like SMU, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, LSU, Ohio State, Texas Tech, Michigan State, Purdue, and Houston interested. Currently he does not hold any offers, but a good spring showing could change all of that.

"I wouldn't say one school is recruiting me harder than another, but they have all told me they want to see me snap during spring ball," said Gillette. "Academics are a really big thing for me, and I want a nice campus. I'm also looking for a school that knows how to win. I like how SMU is starting to build something for the future. I could see myself going there, it's my kind of place. "

Gillette's summer plans include bulking up. He will also attend a camp in Oklahoma, and might hit Ohio State and Texas Tech. will have more Trevor Gillette information as it becomes available.

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