Corner Shows Up To Hilltop With An Offer

It's not always that recruits with offers will show up to the perspective school's camp. On Sunday, this corner did! Who is it? What did he think of his performance? Who does he already know that is going to be a Mustang? All the answers are inside!

It's not always that recruits with offers will show up to the perspective school's camp. Usually, they elect to not workout and watch from the sidelines. On Sunday, it was not the case for Abilene Cooper cornerback T.C. Robinson. The junior received an offer a few weeks ago from the Mustangs, but still came to camp ready to show his skills.

"I think that I did pretty good. No one really caught any balls on me, so I think I impressed some people," stated Robinson to on Wednesday night. "I didn't know a lot about the campus before the camp, but it was pretty nice. Brandon Henderson, my good friend, committed to SMU last year. He is my bro. He is telling me a lot about it. He wants me to come there."

At 5'10 and 180 pounds, Robinson impressed the coaching staff over and over again with his lock-down ability. On more than one occasion, Robinson (4.42-forty) heard a "great job T.C." or a "that is the way to do it T.C."

So what is the corner looking for in a school?

"I really want a good coaching staff. That is really important to me. I want a place with some good academics and a great environment," said Robinson. "UTEP has also offered me. I'm thinking that I will try to make my decision before my season starts. I would say SMU is going to be there until the end."

SMU was just one of camps on the circuit that Robinson has hit and will be hitting this summer. It will be a busy summer of preparation for his senior year and traveling for Robinson.

"I went to T.C.U's camp a couple days ago. I went to the Texas Tech one and I'm going to go to the Baylor one on Sunday," said the junior. "I was talking with my coach and he was telling me that Baylor wants me to come to their camp and see what I can do. He said if they like me they might offer."

"This summer I'm really trying to work on tackling better and on my football IQ. I'm going to work hard." will have more on T.C. Robinson as it becomes available.

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