Audio: "Sellout 2009"- June Jones Presser

Free: The SMU Athletic Department today announced an historic initiative. "Sellout 2009," which is designed to generate the largest crowd in Gerald J. Ford Stadium history. Come inside as we have the audio from the press conference.

Listen to the interview:

"We will sell out this first game," said SMU Head Coach Jun Jones. "We have a great plan to fill the stadium and we will get it done. To all the naysayers out there, I say, Come and see for yourselves."

"It's going to be exciting. We will get this done and I'm asking everyone to believe."

Heading the initiative will be prominent SMU almnus Bob Beaudine and SMU Trustees Paul Loyd and Carl Sewell. Former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach will also be involved.

The campaign will focus largely on corporate and group sales t reach its goals, ad the game will feature added entertainment with Grammy-winning singer Rudy Gatlin of The Gatlin Brothers singing the National Anthem.

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