DT Increases Weight And Bench

A force at defensive tackle, this 2011 recruit has increased his bench to 540 pounds. Who is it? When is he planning on visiting SMU? PonyStampede.com has all the answers inside! If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

It seems like every time there is an update about Shiloh Christian defensive tackle Samuel Harvill, his bench has gone up significantly. The national sophomore record holder for reps at 185 (he put it up 55 times), Harvill is now benching 540 pounds and squatting 600. At 6'1, 260-pounds, the Arkansas Sophomore Defensive Player of the Year has gained over 10-pounds during the summer.

"It's hard to keep the weight on. We run everyday, but I'm bigger than where I was last year," stated Harvill to PonyStampede.com. "We have been in full pads since the end of July. We just have one long practice, once a day. It's been pretty good. I think that I have improved on a lot of stuff and areas since last year."

If Harvill has improved, there are going to be a lot of offensive lineman that can't sleep the night before their match-up with the defensive tackle. Last season he had 16 sacks and 96 tackles (25 for loss).

"I'm working a lot on my hand skills and hand placement when it comes to the d-line. One of my strengths is my strength and how I fire off the ball, but I'm really working on how to move with my hands," said the junior. "I'm really working hard on it and other areas. I just want to get better."

While SMU and UNLV are still his only offers, Harvill is also still hearing from Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, and UCLA. Just yesterday, a new school did come into the picture, and possibility promising big things for the future D-1 player.

"The University of Maryland called yesterday and told my coach that I was probably going to get an offer during the season. That was out of the blue. I hadn't heard much from them. I'm still getting a lot of letters and stuff from many schools."

In May, Harvill informed PonyStampede.com that he was planning a trip to the Hilltop during the summer, but the Arkansas product never did find his way to Dallas.

"We were not able to make it to Dallas this summer, but we are still planning on doing it. I want to come there with my quarterback (Kiehl Frazier ). We are going to come down for a game. We don't know which one yet, but we will be at one."

Frazier already holds an offer from Tulsa and Western Michigan. The two do like the idea of playing at the same college. Just recently, Frazier has started to receive mail from the Mustangs. The 2011 prospect did put up some worthy numbers: 1,437 passing yards 17 passing touchdowns, 990 rushing yards, 15 rushing touchdowns.

With the Feb. 2011 about 18 months away, Harvill has plenty of time to decide and will take it.

"I'm probably wanting to wait until my senior year so I can let it all pan out. I'm wanting to see what schools offer me," said the defensive stopper. "I'm wanting to stay open and not commit right away."

PonyStampede.com will stay close the situation and let you know if anything happens with Samuel Harvill.

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