Where He Wants To Be

Paul McCoy is back on the Hilltop preparing for year two in a SMU uniform. Was there any stock to the rumors that he thought about transferring? PonyStampede.com went 1-on-1 with the leading scorer from 08-09. If you don' have a premium membership, you are missing out!

Sometime it's good to get away. It was the approach SMU guard Paul McCoy took this summer. Instead of taking summer classes on the Hilltop and working on his game at the Crum Center, the sophomore went back home.

"It was really relaxing for me," stated McCoy to PonyStampede.com. "I went to Oregon, then to Somoa, and then back to Oregon. My grandma is from Samoa and she was really sick. My mom wanted me to go visit her before she got any worse. So I went down their with my family. It was actually a great time. She got better while we were there. I was gone about a month. I have a lot of stories."

As a freshman, McCoy was the Mustangs biggest offensive threat, averaging 13.4 points per game. When SMU needed a bucket, they turned to him to create. When rumors started to spread on the various message boards and among alumni that McCoy was thinking about transferring, the thought shocked and scared Mustang fans.

"There was some truth to the rumors, but it was a lot of people wanting me to do something, and not me really thinking and making a decision for myself," said McCoy. "I really wanted to make the decision on my own. It was sort of a confusing period. It took some time to decide and realize what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be. At the end of the day, I'm back at SMU."

If McCoy hadn't already made the decision, the new SMU assistant coaches made it easier on him. "The Reggies" went out to see McCoy in Oregon after he got back from Samoa.

"Because I didn't go to summer school, I didn't get to meet the new staff. I actually heard about Coach Barnes and the other assistants leaving when I was in Samoa. The new guys wanted to come out there to introduce themselves and to get to know me. We had a great time while they were there. They are good guys."

Now back in Dallas to start his sophomore campaign, the shooting guard is starting to get back into a routine. Although he did admit that it took a little time to get back into the swing of things.

"I feel a little rusty, but it's coming along," said McCoy. "I'm just trying to develop my shot a little more. There were times that I shot the ball really well, and times I didn't. I'm just trying to learn how to see the whole floor better, and how to pass a little better. I need to start passing with two hands. It's the little stuff that I'm paying attention to."

Last year, SMU finished 9-21 overall and 3-13 in Conference USA play. Records that McCoy was not exactly used to. This year, the sophomore is hoping that he can be one of the big reasons for a turnaround.

"We need to win. I want to become a better leader, so when I need to take the game over, I can. We have to win this year. I have to do whatever it takes. I have to push the team and be the leader out there," said McCoy. "Looking back last year, there were a lot of times that we could have been better. We have learned from it and I think you are going to see a major turnaround because of it."

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