Q&A: Coach June Jones (9-11-09)

Is the flu still a concern for the Mustangs this weekend? PonyStampede.com has the answers. Plus who starts at corner after Sterling Moore's great performance. If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

First can you give us a little update on the flu? How are guys recovering? ]
"We had a couple guys that were missing this morning that haven't checked with the trainer yet. I think a couple guys have come back, but a couple who are not here today. Hopefully we are not going to be depleted to much.

Can you talk about Sterling Moore. He had a great performance against SFA and played very well in the week leading up to the game Bell was on the mend. Will he be starting this week?
"I see that he earned his way to play a lot more. He is a competitive kid and that is how football is. Sometimes you get your opportunity when someone goes down and it's your job to not let that guy back in there. He had a heck of a game and has had a great camp. We liked him on his film in JC, so I'm really happy for him."

Defensively you had a lot of turnovers, but what would you like to see the defensive do a little bit better this week?
"I would like to score when we get those turnovers. (Laughter) Defensively we are going to have to stop the run. This quarterback is something special. He is 6'4, 230, and runs a 4.5. We are going to have to tackle him and run to the ball. He is a big play guy. I think they want to be a run team. They are willing to pass the ball and take their shots down the field, but if you ask them, they want to run the football."

Is it good to have a conference game this early?
"I would like to have some time, especially when you're in the situation that we are in where you haven't been winning on a consistent basis. You would like to have some games to get under your belt. You have to do what you have to do. This is the hand we were dealt, so we need to go play and play well."

Was Bo Levi Mitchell fighting the flu as well Saturday?
"Yeah he was fighting it, but he played on through it. Even Monday he was looking like he was suffering from it. He fought on through it. We need him to play consistent on Saturday. I think that we are better offensively than we were last year and now we have to take it from practices to the game."

UAB seemed to win pretty easily, but in the second half they gave up some points to Rice. What did the Owls do in the second half?
"They got into their system and rotated quarterbacks. The biggest thing is they stuck with their system. They are a young team and the more they play together, the better they are going to get. They kept playing the game like it was nothing to nothing, and tried to get better."

What did you see over the week in practices that stood out?
"I think the defensive is starting to believe in themselves. They are really starting to come together as a group. We are really thin are the defensive line, but hopefully we will have the guys just stay in there and compete. The guys are having to do what they have to do to play the game."

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