The Right Swagger

A 2012 prospect, this Texas guard has a swagger out on the floor. It's the feeling of being unstoppable. Recently he attended the SMU elite camp in Dallas and walked away very impressed. Who is it? Who else is interested in the combo guard? We have the answers inside!

Michael Jordan had it, so does Kobe Bryant. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony have it as well. It's a swagger on the floor. A feeling that they can not be stopped. Great ones have it. Ennis sophomore guard Jordan Mason feels the swagger as well.

"Sometimes I feel unstoppable out there. I can shoot it, I can drive it, and I can play defense. I can do it all. I'm not really flashy, but I can score," stated Mason to "Kobe Bryant is who I compare my game to."

At 6'1, 175 pounds, Mason has a ways to go before his game comes close to comparing to NBA players, but at 21.5 points per game as a freshman, he is on the right track. The son of Ennis coach Jerry Mason, Jordan recently attended the SMU elite camp in Dallas and walked away from the Hilltop very excited and happy.

"The camp went great. They have a lot of hoopers in Dallas and they got them out to the camp. I think I performed pretty well," said Mason. "The campus is really nice and open. I didn't realize it was going to be that good. The education is great at SMU. All and all, it's just a really nice school. The facilities they had were really good."

It's not just the Mustangs trying to get in on Mason early. Schools like Oklahoma State, North Texas, Alabama, Drake, and Marquette are also showing interest in the combo guard.

"I don't know where I will end up. I'm sort of young. But I don't want to be the star player like I am in high school. I want to be part of a team where I can learn how to play team basketball," said Mason. "I do like SMU, but it will come down to what I'm completely looking for and what schools are in the mix."

Dealing with the pressures of being a high school coach's son can be a hard thing, Mason has taken it slow and now knows what to expect this season.

"He is tough on me. Harder on me than any of my other teammates. It's not just me seeing it. They see it as well," stated the sophomore. "Last year I didn't know what to expect as his son, but I know now this year how things will go."

The 2012 recruit has some lofty goals this season, both on an individual level and on a team level. The Lions finished the season with a 6-21 record with Mason at the point.

"I want to at least get in the playoffs a couple games. Ennis hasn't made the playoffs in awhile, and I really want to be part of that. I'm going to do everything I can to bring that back to my school," stated the guard. "I'm really also trying to pass the ball a little more this season. I know that colleges don't want ball hogs. If I can learn how to pass the ball, I could be great. I'm trying to raise my assist total to six or seven."

Mason plays AAU with Texas Select Elite and averaged around 10 points per game this summer. will be watching his progress very closely this winter.

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