Duhe talks about why he picked SMU!

What did Ashton Duhe see on Saturday that made him pick the Mustangs? Come inside PonyStampede.com as we go 1-on-1 with the offensive lineman. This is free to all Mustang fans!

Well first off congrats on becoming a Mustang, tell me a little bit about why you decided to pull the trigger and commit yesterday?

"Well I got along with all the offensive lineman. I really liked and also got along with the offensive line coach. He told me what I needed to hear. He said that I could come in and have a chance to start as a freshman. That is what I'm looking for. When he saw my highlight tape, he told me that I needed to come over right away. He said that I'm exactly the type of offensive lineman he wants."

When he says something like that, because of his history, how does that make you feel? He blocked for some of the best quarterbacks the NFL has ever seen!

"It makes me feel really good. He won all those Super Bowls and blocked for those great quarterbacks, he knows his stuff. It has to make me feel good."

Did you talk to Coach Jones after you committed?

"Yeah I talked to him before I left. He was really excited about me coming there. He said he needs offensive lineman who are very athletic. He said that I was a guy he really wanted."

Talk about getting the decision out of the way. It has to feel good at this point?

"It feels great. It's a lot of relief. That is what you are thinking about all the time. After you commit, there is just the feeling that rushes over you. It feels good to be done."

What did you think of the campus?

"The campus was great. It was really nice. The buildings were nice on the outside, but when you walked inside I was amazed. They were even better. The practice facility was nice, pretty much everything was nice."

You got to see a win, tell me about what you saw out there? Were you impressed?

"Everything was good. Some offensive lineman were injured and they were getting pressure on the quarterback, but they bounced back. They wanted the game, you could really tell. I liked that." After going undefeated and winning the state title the last two years, Duhe's Destrehan (LA) HS is somewhat down, finishing the regular season at 5-5.

The Wildcats play St. Paul (9-1) on Friday in the first round of the playoffs.

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