Mustangs back at .500 after beating Texas St.

Derek Williams hit eleven free throws and Robert Nyakundi added 19 points, as the Mustangs downed Texas State last night. Want to hear the rest of the story? Come inside for's Josh Harvey's thoughts, plus a video look of Coach Doherty's press conference.

The Good:

1.)After going two straight games and 93 minutes without a three pointer, the Mustangs could not miss from long range in the 1st half on Monday night. SMU made a 11 threes, but only jumped out to a 52-41 lead. A bit concerning for Mustang fans. Robert Nyakundi, who has been banged up most of the year, went 3-4 in the first half from long distance. After the game Coach Doherty praised Nyakundi, stating he is the best option the Mustangs have to spread the floor. Mike Walker , who has seen up and down minutes this season, went 3-3 from long distance in the first half.

2.)Mouhammad Faye was exactly what the Mustangs need last night. His stat line: 15 points, 8 rebounds, 3 blocks. The senior was 4-6 from the field, not just settling for jump shots as he did in previous SMU games this season.

3.)It was nice to see a team not necessarily panic because some depth inside was injured. Both Luttman and Otis were out, but should be back in the near future. When Papa Dia fouled out in the second half, guys were out of position. But, instead of panicking, SMU was pretty calm about it.

4.)Free throws, free throws, free throws. Coming into the contest, SMU was shooting 58% from the charity stripe. Last night, they went 28-34, knocking down 82% of their free throw attempts. Was it the reason they won the game? It has a little merit. SMU wins by eight points, but if they had shot their normal 58%, they would have lost by five.

The bad:

1.)Time and time again, no lead is safe with SMU. Once thought that this might behind them with most of their players one year older and more experienced, it has been a trait in almost every game this season. The Mustang's biggest lead was 21 in the second half, but yet it was a five point lead with under two minutes to go. Starting around the 5:00 minute mark, SMU started holding the ball, wasting clock and then driving to the hoop with 7-9 seconds on the shot clock. A strategy on this night at least, didn't payoff.

2.) Paul McCoy is in a funk. Only nine points in his last three games. Hopefully Paul can break out of it before C-USA play begins. Coach Doherty feels that he is pressing out on the floor. More on this subject, in the coming days.

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