Ranking SMU amongst C-USA

How do the Mustangs compare to other teams in C-USA so far? Hoops Editor Kyle Phillippi examines inside. If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

The last few years have not gone as planned for the SMU basketball program. The biggest fault in recent seasons has been their competiveness in Conference USA. The Mustangs have done fairly well in their non-conference game, but when it comes time to take on their conference rivals, SMU tends to be overpowered each and every year.

Currently, the Mustangs are 0-1 in conference play after their C-USA opening game loss to UTEP (10-4). They still have plenty of time to improve their play in conference, but here's a breakdown of how SMU compares statistically with their fellow C-USA counterparts.

Points per Game (top 5):
1.Houston – 84.6
2.Marshall – 82.0
3.UTEP – 79.1
4.Tulsa – 78.4
5.Memphis – 75.6
9.SMU – 69.1

Rebounds per Game (top 5):
1.Tulsa - 41.4
2.Marshall – 40.3
3.Southern Miss – 40.3
4.UAB – 37.5
5.UTEP – 36.8
10.SMU -34.6

Assists per Game (top 5):
1.Marshall - 17.7
2.UTEP – 16.5
3.UCF – 14.8
4.Memphis – 14.5
5.Houston – 14.0
12.SMU – 10.8

Those are three important statistical categories that demonstrate how a team performs. From the looks of those numbers, SMU is not in good shape. Out of those groups, their highest ranking is points per game, where they rank ninth, which isn't impressive.

Steals per Game
1. Houston – 11.3
10.SMU – 5.6

Blocks per Game
1. Marshall – 8.1
12.SMU – 2.7

Free Throw %
1. Tulane - .741
11.SMU - .667

SMU is not leading in any categories, or even in the top five for that matter, so winning the C-USA conference seems out of our reach. As for being competitive, that is up to the players themselves. When it comes to stepping onto the hardwood surface each and every game, stats are thrown out the window, and it's up to the players to decide how they want to execute their game plan.

SMU will be the underdog in many of their conference games, but fans know how things can get crazy come conference play in college basketball. SMU fans need to hope they can take the role of "underdog" just as Rocky Balboa did, and push for a top spot in Conference USA.

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