Checking in with Kaiser

What has the SMU commitment been up to lately? We find out. Plus, what is his reaction to Kyle Padron's success at SMU? If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

With the departure of Bo Levi Mitchell, the signing of St. Louis product Steve Kaiser will be even more important in February. It appears for at least now, Kyle Padron has solidified his role as the starting quarterback for years to come, but the Mustangs need depth at the position.

"With this offense, you need three kids ready to go in and win. They are the center pieces in our scheme," stated SMU offensive coordinator Dan Morrison in December.

At 6'3, 215 pounds, Kaiser is rated the No. 66 quarterback in the country in the latest rankings. It will be June Jones' highest rated quarterback recruit since taking over at SMU. He will bring experience of running a passing offense in high school to SMU, something Mitchell didn't have.

"I'm really anxious to get down there. I can't wait. Right now, I'm just trying to get better," stated the senior to "I wanted the coaches to send me a workout plan that they use, but they can't until I sign. So when that happens, I'm going to get that workout and starting working. Until then, I'm just doing stuff that I know I need to work on."

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the SMU commitment threw for over 1700 yards and 25 touchdowns, to just three interceptions for DeSmet Jesuit high school. The Spartans finished the year 12-1, losing 35-5 to Blue Springs. Kaiser was knocked out of the game in the third quarter with a concussion.

"I had a concussion during my last game, but I went to the doctors and they told me it's worn off," said Kaiser.

Schools are relentless in the recruiting process. Sometimes trying to convince kids up to the final hours before there is no more contact. When Kaiser committed to SMU in July, it was evident that he was 100% committed. Since then, nothing has changed. Even with schools like Tennessee showing interest at one time.

"There are still a lot schools that contact me, but I let my dad handle all of that. I'm 100% committed to SMU."

Sometimes when a player in a previous recruiting class has success, a recruit can get nervous whether he/she made the right decision. But, not with Kaiser.

"Kyle did great and I have asked the question to the coaches, is the best player still going to be play. They said yes, so I'm just training hard to have a fighting chance. It should be fun."

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