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J.W. Walsh has it all. A strong arm, accuracy, the ability to escape from the pocket, and the ability to throw on the move. Who is currently recruiting the Denton Guyer quarterback? If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

Gauging the success of a high school player at the collegiate level is never an easy thing. When the player in question happens to be the key ingredient on a team that had gone 1-19 over the previous two seasons to finish within a game of playing for the 4A-state title in 2009 a lot of people are bound to take notice of him. That player is J.W. Walsh.

Walsh is the quarterback for the John H. Guyer High School Wildcats. The junior QB was a major part of the team's success both on the ground and through the air. A dual threat, he ran for 1554 yards on 168 carries, averaging almost 10 yards a carry and scoring 22 touchdowns. The versatile young man also passed for another 27 touchdowns to go along with 2599 yards and a 64.7 completion percentage.

While the statistics alone are nice, what makes the future even more promising for Walsh is his ability and desire to improve. He improved in nearly every statistical category from his sophomore to junior season, most noticeably where it counts most- scoring.

As talented as he is, Walsh has the intangibles that make a quality player as well. When asked how he would describe himself as a player he was a little hesitant to answer. When he did the polite, mild mannered Walsh did not pat himself on the back and talk about how good he is, but instead painted the picture of a player that wants nothing more than to improve at his game. He stands ready and willing to learn from coaches and players alike. Walsh believes he is a team leader and capable of leading through his actions on the field and with his character as well.

When asked what he looks to work on this off-season he responded quickly with accuracy and decision making. Walsh then went onto talk about some interceptions he threw towards the end of the season; mistakes he does not want to make again (Walsh threw only six interceptions on the year). Schools across the nation have taken notice of the talented young man. Some of the programs that have already shown interest include Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, SMU, TCU, Nebraska, Oregon, Kansas, Iowa State, and Arizona. Kansas, Iowa State and Arizona have already put offers on the table.

When asked, Walsh would not pick any one school as favored over another; he wants to be sure and keep his options wide open for now. He did say that he wants to go with a program that will want to make use of all his talents and allow him to be a threat with his feet as well as his arm. At 6'2" he can stand tall in the pocket and his swift feet (4.5 40 yard dash) will keep his 190 pound frame from having to take much of a beating when he runs the ball. Then again the QB is no weakling himself benching about 250 and squatting close to 400 pounds; defenders might want to be careful when they see him coming.

Walsh is looking to make a decision possibly as soon as the beginning of the summer, however, he has no set timetable as to when he wants to make his decision official. Whoever he does choose, could be one lucky program.

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