Change on the horizon?

What sort of changes can SMU fans expect to see in recruiting in 2011? Coach June Jones tell us! If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

When rebuilding a program, sometimes it's important to focus on getting the best available players, not necessarily guys that fit a certain need in a system. When looking at the 2010 SMU recruiting class, many of the current commitments are athletes that will be moved to various positions.

"A lot of this recruiting class will be projected guys. Guys that were playing another position in high school. I have been more interested in getting athletes, because that helps you on special teams and helps you a bunch of other ways," stated Coach June Jones to

"We have a history of changing guys spots, and they have been productive....I would say the recruiting class of 2011, is when we will start to focus on positions and not just bringing in athletes."

Currently SMU has three-high school quarterback commitments that will move positions when they hit the Hilltop. They have an offensive lineman who has played every position on the line. Plus, they have four more high school receivers, it's not unthinkable that one or two of them could be asked to move to the secondary.

2010 SMU Athletes Commitments

HS Pos.


HS School

Projected Pos.



Jeremy Johnson

Tyler HS


On the plays where he does run the ball you can see why teams like him at receiver. He can make things happen after the catch with his speed and ability to change directions with the ball. He will need time to learn the finer points of playing receiver but the abilities of a wide receiver in college are definitely there.


Hayden Greenbauer

Tom Clark HS


Greenbauer was nothing short of amazing this season for the Cougars. He ran for nearly 1500 yards and 20 touchdowns from the quarterback position, also throwing for nearly 800 yards.


Don Canyon

Lincoln HS


Canyon looks like he might be hesitant to make the switch to defensive line, but he could excel at the position. At 6'2, 220, Canyon runs a nice 4.6 forty. He looks smooth with the ball and could look smooth coming around the corner. But the ability to play quarterback for Morgan State or Northwestern State might be too much for him to want to make the transition.

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