Joseph hearing from local schools

As 2010 starts to come to a close, we can't forget about looking ahead to 2011. Abilene's Darius Joseph is our focus today. The wide receiver has the tools be a D-1 receiver, hearing from SMU, Tech, TCU, Texas, and A&M. Come inside for more.

Statistics are not always the best indicator of a player's success. Sometimes a coach has enough quality players to go with a balanced attack that they do not need to rely on any one player. That is exactly the case with Abilene's junior wide receiver Darius Joseph.

In five games last season, Darius hauled in 17 catches for 344 yards and four touchdowns. Darius's contributions come as much in how he plays (not just the numbers he produces).

"I'm a hardworking, intense player that does not take a play off; I tend to really excel when it comes to yards after catch, too," said the 2011 recruit.

A laid back, easy to coach player, Darius is an athletic player that has all the makings of a top receiver.

At 6'1" and 185 pounds he has the strength to push off defenders benching 275 pounds and has the power in his legs to break through tacklers squatting 385 pounds. That is if they can catch the speedster; he runs a 4.5 forty.

A number of schools have taken notice of the young receivers promise already. Those showing interest include Houston, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, UCLA, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and SMU.

Darius says that so far Tech has shown the most interest, but he would like to hear more from other local schools because playing close to home would be nice.

When asked about what he is looking for in program, Darius showed how strong his desire is to play.

"I want the opportunity to play and start. I want to get the chance to be a big part of a team's success and given the opportunity to shine. I don't want to just disappear in the depth chart."

He has had the chance to visit Oklahoma already when his coach was taking another player up there. Darius just missed attending TCU's Junior Day, but is looking to attend the one at Baylor in the near future.

SMU has been in contact with Darius. The high powered passing attack of the Mustangs is something that he could see himself fitting in with.

"I like the style of play they have there and would love to be a part of their program."

When it comes to next season Darius plans on improving on his speed and strength going into his senior year. With the physical abilities he already has to go with his intelligence (3.2-3.3 GPA) Darius will undoubtedly be a force to reckon with on the football field.

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