Robichaux Says "Yes" to SMU Jr. Day

Kingwood Park junior outside linebacker Ragan Robichaux confirms to that he's looking forward to following up his first visit -- the Mustangs' game vs. East Carolina. And that's not the only positive thing he had to say about SMU.

He may be classified as an outside linebacker and safety, but Ragan Robichaux (4.47-forty) has helped Kingwood Park HS with his versatility. In fact, if you ask the 6'1", 180-pound junior, he says he doesn't have a position because it's all about the team.

"I just play where they need me," Robichaux tells "I've thought of myself as an outside linebacker/safety type but I got all-district defensive end this year, which was exciting."

Ragan Robichaux
It's the same type of team mentality that Robichaux's taken notice of in the SMU Mustangs.

Speaking of his visit to this past season's East Carolina game, he says, "From what I saw when I was there, I liked it. It's got…a pretty sound and good program. I like it."

The 2011 prospect is also getting interest from Rice, Arizona and Texas A&M, whose Junior Day he attended two weeks ago. But SMU has made a big overall impression on Robichaux .

"It's a nice school; a private school that's got a good education," Robichaux says. "Nobody can play football forever, and that's just realistic. I want to make sure I have a good education to fall back on and have a good job."

The junior's work ethic backs up his balance. Describing himself as a team player that relies on his speed and aggression on the defensive side of the ball, Robichaux says he's focusing on building muscle and strength training this off season.

"I got to school at 6:00 every morning and I lift weights with one of my coaches, I lift and run during football period and then after school, I go straight to track. Muscle and gaining strength is a big part of football, and so is speed. I'm a pretty fast kid, but I'm always out there running and trying to get better. I'm doing everything I can, honestly, just to be a better overall athlete for next season."

Robichaux says he hasn't received any offers yet, but that will dictate when he makes a decision on a school.

"If I get a couple [of offers], I'll discuss it with my family and my coaches where they think would be right for me and then make a decision based upon their knowledge and what I think is right for me."

Staying in Texas is ideal for Robichaux, and he says SMU is a great fit for him – especially with one of his best friends at SMU on a soccer scholarship.

"I really like SMU, to be honest. They're definitely at the top." will check in with Robichaux after his visit to SMU Junior Day.

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