SMU 2010 signee: "I would vouch for him"

J.C. RB Kenny Turner reported to today that he might be visiting the Hilltop this week. While we wait to see if he gets a shot to play at SMU, future Mustang Richard Crawford Jr. has already seen Turner up close and personal. The two played each other during the year, and have crossed paths off the field. Come inside as Crawford fills us in. This story is free to all SMU fans.

In Matthew 18: 21-22, Jesus' Disciple Peter is asking how many times he should forgive his brother who sins against him. Jesus tells him to forgive him 77 times. He didn't really mean exactly 77 times, but was trying to portray to Peter that everyone should all be open to forgiveness.

It's something that Fullerton junior college running back Kenny Turner is looking for. Since getting out of jail in 2008, Turner has been looking for a second chance at the game he loves. Now, when SMU fans thought the 2010 recruiting class was in the books, the Mustangs might be on the verge of giving this humble young man a second chance. Something that excites another 2010 SMU signee.

Junior college cornerback Richard Crawford Jr. has seen Turner up close and personal. The two played each other during the year, and have crossed paths off the football field.

"I have seen him at a couple places in Fullerton. Where I live, it's like 20 miles away. I have talked with him a couple times, but mostly have seen him on the football field," said Crawford to "Honestly I didn't know he was in jail until I read a story about it. If you would meet him, you wouldn't think that happened to him."

"One of the guys on my football team actually went to Fullerton and he says that he is the most humble guy. That he has a great personality and that he is just a good guy. After he would run the ball, he would help everyone up encouraging everyone."

Not only did Crawford share what type of personality Turner is, but also gave insight of the player on the field.

"I only played the 1st quarter because I was injured, but he is really quick laterally. Everybody here says he can be a NFL running back right now. He is that good," said the future Mustang. "He reminds me of Jerry Rice. He is not the fastest guy on the field, but he is never going to get caught. He is that type of player."

So what was running in Crawford's mind when he heard there was mutual interest from both parties?

"I was really excited to hear. He is a really good player. The thought of him and Darryl Fields being a one two combo would be great," said Crawford. "I would vouch for the guy."

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