Lark looks to visit in March

Cushing Academy's Jeffrey Lark will visit the Hilltop in March? What is he looking for in a school? Come inside for the answers!

The Mustangs spent a lot of time and focus on the secondary in 2010 recruiting class, and it's safe to assume that at least five to six players in the 2011 recruiting class will either be corners or safeties. One early target seems to be Cushing Academy's Jeffrey Lark. The 2011 recruit had 57 tackles and seven sacks last season.

"They want to check me out first, put a height and weight to me, but as far as the whole evaluation process of tapes and everything, it's done. I sent them everything I had. They just want to see me in person," said Lark. "Coach Mason is a really good guy. He is really straigth forward and I respect that. He actually changed my way of looking at things when it comes to recruiting. He tells me to not just look at the school because of the name, but that you can go to the league from any D-1 school. He tells me to go to a school that fits you and that you can get a good education from. That way, if you don't go on, you stil have a good education to fall back on."

Currently SMU, UCLA, Missouri, Cal, Florida State, Oregon State, Baylor, Texas, Texas A&M, and Oklahoma are in touch wih the projected safety.

"I'm probably going to make a decision before the season starts, but if things get crazy, I will maybe take into November or so. I have to make it quick though, I'm going to graduate in December and go straight to college," said Lark. "I'm in basketball season right now, and have been playing my games, so I have really not been able to focus on recruiting. SMU is really the only school to have a whole game tape on me, but I'm sending them out to other places."

So what will he be looking for when he goes to make a decision?

"I need to see what is exactly going on. Schools can say something, but it might be totally different. I want to see that the program is going in the right direction," stated the 2011 prospect. "I want to make sure that it's a place where I can be four years. It has to be a school that I would enjoy, not just for football, but if I was going to go there just for school."

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