Mustangs Spring Preview: Four to Keep an Eye

Spring practices begin in just ten days, and on-campus correspondent Chad Robinson gives SMU fans the four players he is going to be watching the most this spring. If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out on the best SMU team coverage anywhere!

1.) Michael O' Guin- DT: The incoming freshman should make an immediate impact on the defensive line. With Chris Parham gone, the Mustangs will be looking to fill the NT position. While Marquis Frazier's true position is DT, the lack of depth on the defensive line may force O'Guin into a starting role at nose tackle and keep Frazier at defensive end. The 6'2", over 300 pound O' Guin is an intriguing player going into the spring. It should be interesting to see how he performs in the next few weeks.

Al Robinson (Photo by: Matthew Visinsky) 2.) Terrance Wilkerson/Aldrick Robinson/Darius Johnson- WR: While I know this is more than just one player, these three have huge roles to fill with the departure of Emmanuel Sanders. The biggest question I have coming into the spring is who will assume the role of the go-to wide receiver? While the answer may not be revealed until the fall, the position battle should heat up quickly.

Both Wilkerson and Robinson appear to be the leading candidates for the number one spot. Keep in mind, this is not a bad dilemma to have. Robinson, when healthy, can put up over 1,000 yards receiving and it wouldn't be too far-fetched to say the same for Wilkerson. Also, don't forget about Darius Johnson who missed the majority of his freshman campaign due to injury. His return to full strength should be a welcome addition for the wide receiver corps.

3.) Jay Scott/Ryan Smith/Tyler Jones- SS: The departure of Rock Dennis at strong safety leaves quite a hole in the secondary. The big question is what second stringer from last year will rise up to the challenge and fill Dennis' shoes? Jones, Scott and Smith should all be given good looks and many people familiar with the team are excited by the athleticism that Jay Scott brings to the table. He spent a good portion of last season as a quarterback for the scout team but had plenty of reps in the secondary. With a solid spring performance, he could be the favorite at strong safety going into next spring.

Kyle Padron (Photo by: Antoine Williams)
4.) Kyle Padron-QB: It says something about a starting quarterback when over 200 students in a matter of a day have signed up for the "Kyle Padron for Student Body President" group on Facebook. While he won't be President anytime soon (the group is just for fun), the young quarterback is heading into the spring with the number one spot firmly in his grasp.

The biggest question for Padron this spring is how he will handle not having play-making wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. As mentioned earlier, the battle for top wide receiver should be a good one and Padron can definitely use this to his advantage. J.J. McDermott could provide a little pressure on Padron to keep him honest, but for now, the Hawaii Bowl MVP should find a cruise control spring ahead of him.

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