Ready to committ after the spring game?

This SMU offeree says he has been thinking about committing to the Mustangs after his spring game. What were his thoughts when he did get the offer? Come inside to learn the details.

When a recruit has schools like SMU, Purdue, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas State, and Baylor chasing them, it's hard to say that the player is flying under the radar. But it might be the case with Skyline pass rusher Marquel Bryant. Bryant is playing under the shadow of four-star Anthony Wallace, and three-stars Sammy Hill and Frank Shannon.

"Sometimes I feel like it. The coaches have been talking with me about how some of the guys are on a national level, and if I play hard this next season, maybe I can get there to," said Bryant.

Two weeks ago, Bryant's hard work last season paid off, when SMU offered the junior defensive end/linebacker.

"It feels really good to get it. My thoughts were wow, I was ecstatic. I was just happy that I had such a blessing. A lot people don't get one, so I'm pretty happy," said Bryant. "I was thinking about committing to SMU after the spring game, but some people have been telling me to wait. I'm just not sure. I think I could commit really soon. Everyone says that it's a good thing to commit early so I can be safe and get it out of the way."

"I hadn't talked with SMU as much, I had only gotten three letters from them before they sent the offer, so it was a surprise," said Bryant. "So if I would have guessed, I figured it would have been another school sending me an offer." stated Bryant to

At 6'3, 215 pounds, with a 4.6 forty, Bryant could project at two different positions in college.

"I'm not sure what teams want me as, some say linebacker, some say defensive end. If schools offer me, I will look at their defense," said the junior. "If it's a 4-3, they would want me to play defensive end. A 3-4, probably a linebacker. I want to play defensive end, but if I go to a college and they feel that I'm better at another position, I will take up that role."

So what is Bryant wanting in a school?

"I want to go a school with good academics that can help me out after college, but at the same time, I want to play soon. I don't have to play my freshman year, but I would like a chance by sophomore year."

Bryant has visited SMU's campus a few times, but never received an actual tour from the coaches or school representatives. He did visit Baylor earlier in the season.

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