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How excited is Jonathan Yenga to finally have his decision in the bag? Plus, what else could this do the Mustangs at Euless Trinity? If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

How does it feel to finally get the decision done and out of the way?
"It feel great. I don't have to worry about other colleges trying to talk with me or offering me."

We talked to your brother after practice and he talked about how he tried to stay away from your decision. Did you feel like he was not trying to sway you one way or another?
"I knew he was going to stay away and let me think about it. He did a good thing. Even though Youri is leaving a legacy over there, I'm doing it for me. I decided to stay here, because I wanted to stay close to my family and all that."

How did it go down? What did the coaches say when you gave it?
Well Coach Joe Haering came up to me and asked how the recruiting process was going over. I told him that I had offers from you guys, Tulsa, and Duke. He then asked me if I had made a choice yet, and I told him yes sir. I want to come here. He was pretty happy when I told him."

So what did Coach Jones say when you told him?
"I didn't have to tell him, he already knew when he came over. We just talked about the program and he was just telling me about how their practice is run and all of that."

With your commitment to SMU, do you think this might sway some other Euless Trinity guys to possibly reconsider SMU?
"I tried to ask the guys again if they were sure they wanted to go where they have committed, and they all told me yeah, but SMU is a good school."

Do you think Suleiman is a pretty strong commitment to Baylor?
"Yeah, I do." How excited are you for spring practices and what are you looking to improve on?
"I'm really excited. They start the 19th. I just want to improve my strength and agility."

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