Wednesday practices notes

On this beautfiul Wednesday morning, the SMU football team held it's 13th practice of the spring. What stood out today? Come inside for the details, plus a look at practice with some photos! If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

As I was arriving to practice, De'Von Bailey was leaving. Looks like he has a possible 8 A.M. Class. I'm guessing that was the case Monday as well. He fully participated on Tuesday according to Chad Robinson.

Without Bailey in the lineup, the receivers were:

1st team- Darius Johnson, Al Robinson, Cole Beasley, and Terrance Wilkerson

2nd team- Bradley Haynes, Cole Loftin, Ryan Walker, and Chayse Joubert

Al Robinson left practice early for class. He always does on Monday and Wednesdays. He was replaced on the 1st team by Chayse Joubert, who has had some tremendous practices over the last few days according to sources.

Catch of the day- was made by Bradley Haynes over Chris Banjo. It was on the far sideline. Not only did Haynes have to out jump Banjo, he also had to concentrate getting one foot inbound. Immediately Banjo screamed, "Dang it, I tipped it." With Haynes finishing his running down field, June Jones yelled, "Nice handle Bradley." It's not that common for June to yell as loud as he did.

Sterling Moore was at it again, with a very nice practice. He doesn't look at all effected by his knee injury last season. Towards the end of practice, he was able to bait Kyle Padron into throwing an interception on the far sideline. Immediately a SMU alum commented on how Moore can bait people like no other.

Dr Turner was in attendance, immediately getting the few fans in attendance buzzing. What is he here for? It turns out that according to sources, Turner wanted to congratulate the team on last season After practice, he gathered them altogether and told them how forward he is looking to next season.

Padron looked sharp, besides for his interception by Moore. The thing I noticed today by both quarterbacks was they were not challenging the secondary down field. Today was a lot of dump offs. I don't know if that was what was being called or the secondary was just playing that well.

Talking with SMU special teams coach after practice, Dennis McKnight informed that a decision on who would be kick/punt returning won't come until the fall. At this point, the coaching staff is not really thinking about it.

Some quotes from SMU defensive coordinator Tom Mason later today!

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