SMU's 2010 impact team

With spring practices over, where are the holes on team? Which incoming 2010 signees have the best shot at hitting the field next season. Come inside to get's thoughts.

Darryl Fields
1.)Darryl Fields- No Shawnbey McNeal means no big threat for the Mustangs in 2010. Unless, Fields can show he is ready for the big time. Zach Line, Chris Butler, and possibly even Ryan Moczygemba will be able to pick up the tough yards, but none have the speed or elusiveness to take one around the corner for six. Running back is often the easiest position to pick up an offense, but not necessarily in the run and shoot. Will Fields be able to pick up the blitz on passing plays?

2.)Michael O'Guin- Aaron Davis' motor never stops, but Davis is undersized to be playing a full game at defensive tackle for SMU. O'Guin's spring was not exactly what many expected, but it was a time of learning. This summer he needs to get in shape, study his playbook, and get more physical. Coach Mason told he would only be ready for about 10 plays a game. He needs to get to a point where he can take at least half of the load.

3.)Randy McKinnon- only a walk-on, McKinnon will have a chance to start or contribute in the secondary right away. While Ryan Smith and James Scott had some great battles this spring, McKinnon has major D1 college football experience. While he was on the second team at Syracuse last year, he started three times as a sophomore.

4.)Richard Crawford- Could Crawford be the next Sterling Moore? A juco cornerback that comes in and just performs so well from day one it's impossible to keep him off the field. Crawford recorded 34 tackles, 3.5 tackles for loss, six interceptions, five pass breakups for Saddleback junior college in 2009. With a self-reported forty time of 4.35, Crawford not only could be an impact on defense, but also as a punt returner. He recorded almost 11.4 yards a return last season.

5.)Kevin Pope- Pope showed he was a man among boys at Mount Enterprise, but the verdict is still out on if he will be ready for the start of the 2010 season after tearing his ACL last year. If he is ready, he could be good enough to play right away. Fields, Pope, and Line would be a dangerous three-headed combination. Pope compares to Tashard Choice of the Dallas Cowboys. He is not as fast as Felix Jones (Fields) and not as much of a pounder as Marion Barber (Zach Line), but he is just an all-around running back.

6.)Ashton Duhe- if we learned anything through spring practices, we learned that the offensive line is in need of depth. Duhe played every position up front in high school. While he is probably not as a big of a prospect as Ben Gottschalk, he already has the size to play if absolutely needed. His versatility will be appreciated.

7.)Justin Sorrell- you can't teach experience, and Sorell has it. Playing the past two seasons at Blinn J.C., Sorrell he helped them win the NJCAA national championship. Much like McKinnon, Sorrell has a chance to beat out Smith and Scott even without going through spring ball.

8.) Chris Parks- at 6'1, Parks has the body already to play cornerback at the next level. With the opposite side of Moore still open after spring practices, Park has a chance to at least provide depth at the corner position. Is it likely that he can beat out Gamble, Crawford, or Mcconico, no. But there is a chance. Mustang fans need to watch his highlight if they haven't. They won't be disappointed.

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