Q&A with Samarrippas

Want to get to know SMU incoming point guard Jeremiah Samarrippas a little better? Come inside for this free Q&A with the Florida product!

Its been over a month since you have committed to SMU, any second thoughts?
"I don't have any second thoughts, I'm very pleased with my decision and looked forward to getting on campus and working with the coaching staff and team."

Now that you have had time to reflect, what was it about the Mustangs that made you pull the trigger?
"At the end off the day it came down to the coaches and location. I felt very comfortable with all the coaches and very much liked the Dallas location."

Florida to Texas...Not the biggest climate shock, but what are your thoughts about living so far away from home?
"I've always wanted to get away from home to be on my own, and here's my chance so I'm just ready to get on campus and go to work."

You finished up high school today it looks like? Your most memorable moment in high school basketball?
"My most memorable moment in high school was winning the 5A state championship this year along with averaging 22 points in the final four."

What number are you campaigning for at SMU?
"I'm going to get #12 just like high school."

Fact or Fiction: Jeremiah Samarrippas will start game No. 1 his freshman year!
"Hopefully" fact

Have you decided on a major?

Kobe or LeBron and why?
"Kobe because he's a winner....And when it's all over everyone always remembers a winner. No matter how many individual awards or publicity you get, winning overcomes it all."

Who would you say you model your game after?
"I model my game after Steve Nash."

Your biggest goal at SMU is???
"My biggest goal is to come in and make an automatic impact on the team. Also to win a conference championship."

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