SMU Camp No. 1: Kilgore recap

Trying to find reports from SMU's camp in Kilgore? You won't find them anywhere else but on Come inside as we highlight three players in attendance that caught our eye. Plus, how many players in all showed up? If you don't have a premium membership, you are missing out!

On Saturday SMU kicked off their 2010 Mustang football camps with a stop in Kilgore. Almost 40 east Texas prospects hit the field for a mid-morning workout, hoping to impress the coaching staff. While the numbers were smaller than expected, it gave the players more reps, in return more looks from the coaching staff.

A camp that featured the likes of Kevin Pope and Ricky Collins last year, today's session didn't have as much star power, but did feature a handful of soon to be juniors that will be on the Mustangs' radar for the 2012 class.

A typical June Jones' camp usually sports double digits in the amount of quarterbacks that show, on Saturday only a handful were in attendance.

QB.) Dash Duncan- University High (2012): Duncan was a bit slow in the pocket due to a knee brace (we are finding out why he has a big one on his leg), but his arm strength is there. Possibly throwing the hardest ball, Duncan also showed a nice touch of accuracy. He does need to work on his long throws down field, expect him to start getting some looks this season. A Louisiana recruit, it's our prediction that Coach Morrison instructs Coach Reinebold to keep a close eye on him during the year.

WR.) Grant Childress- Grace Tyler (2012): The first to garner a call from after the workouts, Childress impressed on the day. Relatively from a small school, Childress didn't have a Ricky Collins performance, but did prove he was the best receiver in attendance. He has the speed and jumping ability to go down field and the toughness to over the middle. While he looks like he would get abused coming off the line, Childress was one of the better ones in attendance on getting separation.

ATH.) LaDarrian Robertson- Longview (2011): As said in his video, Robertson passes the eye ball test, but his forty was less than desired (4.81). With times like that, the debate begins where you put him. He worked out as a receiver and defensive back today, but looked to slow for the position at SMU. Moving to linebacker, might not be his favorite move. Robertson is a football player, described as a "beast" by one source, just where?

Look for more from Kilgore and today's camp in Dallas later today.

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