Publisher's Note: MWC will hold presser today

Why should SMU fans care that the Mountain West Conference is holding a press conference today to announce their future plans? Come inside for the details and to discuss!

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The Mountain West Conference is just not able to catch a break. After adding Boise State last week to bolster it's BCS hopes in the future, news came yesterday that Utah would be bolting for the Pac-10.

Utah has won nine consecutive bowl games including two wins in BCS games. Arguably it has been the strongest team in MWC since it's establishment in 1999. A move to the Pac-10 is deserving, but a major blow to it's previous conference.

MWC Commission Craig Thompson has a problem on his hands. Does he stay with nine teams, basically switching out the Broncos for the Utes? Or does he branch out to other conferences, trying to pick off one to three teams. If the MWC was able to get to 12 teams, they would be able to hold a conference championship title game, a major plus in the eyes of the BCS committee.

So why should SMU fans care? Thompson has scheduled a news conference for Thursday, stating that he will discuss the league's future plans. If expansion is in the future of the conference, the Mustangs will more than likely be a team that is strongly considered for an invite.

Jones has the Mustangs
on the rise
(Photo: Matthew Visinsky)
Would SMU be interested? It depends on other conferences plans for the future, but the MWC would be a stronger conference in football for the resurgent Ponies. In addition to having their own television network, the Mountain West Conference would give SMU conference games against TCU, Boise State, and BYU. Arguably stronger teams on regular basis then anyone in Conference USA.

In addition to SMU, teams like Fresno State (WAC), Houston (C-USA), and Nevada (WAC) would all be desired.

"We certainly believe that SMU, with its academics, media market, facilities and overall commitment to athletics, would be an asset to any league," Orsini said in a prepared statement to the Dallas Morning News last week.

Another great opportunity for SMU if they would move to the MWC would be June Jones back on the west coast. Games against San Diego State and UNLV would get SMU in front of California recruits. A state, that doesn't produce as many recruits as Texas, but is still rich in talent and an area that Jones and staff have recruited before.

The Mountain West Conference will have agreements with the following bowls for 2010-13:

1.) Maaco Bowl Las Vegas: Las Vegas, Nevada (MWC #1 pick against Pac-10 #5 pick)

2.) Poinsettia Bowl: San Diego, California (MWC #2 pick against Navy (2010), WAC#1/2/3 pick (2011 & 2012) and Army (2013), with the WAC providing contingency selections in 2010 & 2013)

3.) Independence Bowl: Shreveport, Louisiana (MWC #3 pick against ACC #7 pick)

4.) Armed Forces Bowl: Fort Worth, Texas (MWC #4/5 pick against C-USA pick)

5.) New Mexico Bowl: Albuquerque, New Mexico (MWC #4/5 pick against WAC #1/2/3 pick)

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