Long Loves To Block

Mac Long of Edna High School has unusual size and ability for a Class of 2012 lineman. The 6-foot-4, 265-pounder led the charge from his left tackle position for an offense that put a ton of points on the board last year. Long attended SMU camp this summer and he already has two scholarship offers.

Mac Long of Edna High School has the perfect mentality for an offensive lineman. The 6-foot-4, 265-pound tackle, who already holds two scholarship offers, loves the physical aspect of the game.

"I like to dominate people," said Long. "I like to push the opponent around and demoralize them. I want to do even more than what's necessary when I do my job."

When you watch Long's film, it's quickly apparent that his ability (and size) dwarfs that of the typical Class of 2012 player. Long opened plenty of holes last year for an offense that scored at least 25 points in nine games. The Cowboys finished the year 8-3 and averaged more than 31 points per game.

"In our first playoff game (54-40 win over Luling), it was all offense in the first half. They had a good wide receiver (Craig Mager) and our quarterback, Kam Jones, threw for 300 yards and ran for 300 more. We were able to stop them in the second half (Luling led 40-33 at halftime).

"The next week (47-28 loss to LaGrange), we started with a bang. Our quarterback had a 60-yard touchdown on the second play of the game and we led at the half. After the season, we had a good running back move away from our town and then our quarterback graduated. He (Kam Jones) is a legit player who signed with a smaller school (Texas-San Antonio) because of his height."

This summer, Long has attended camps at SMU, TCU, Houston, Baylor, and Texas.

"Coach Klemm at SMU is a really good coach. He believes in the (offensive line) principle of five-to-seven seconds of complete violence. After the Houston camp on June 5th and the Texas Tech camp on June 8th, I received offers from both of those schools. I was very excited and surprised."

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