Destination SMU....4-star goes with Mustangs

SMU fans have reason to celebrate tonight. SMU has landed a big fish on Thursday in the form of four-star outside linebacker Devon Moreland of Los Angeles. Fresh off a big bowl win last season, the Mustangs are beginning to flex some serious muscle on the recruiting scene and the rest of is taking notice.

In the course of a year, SMU - under the watchful eye of head coach June Jones and his staff - has turned around its football program and the Mustangs continued to ride the wave of momentum on Thursday when four-star outside linebacker Devon Moreland of Bishop Mora Salesian (Los Angeles) committed to SMU.

Moreland, the No. 17 ranked outside linebacker in the country, has ideal size at 6-foot-3, 215 pounds. As a junior, Moreland racked up nearly 100 tackles to go along with 21 sacks. Coach Adrian Klemm, who oversaw the successful recruitment of Serra (Ca.) QB Connor Preston, struck gold out west again with Moreland. Klemm has quickly earned a reputation as an ace recruiter.

"I think this is very big, for SMU to go across the country and land a four-star prospect like Moreland," said Greg Powers, Midlands Recruiting Manager for "It further shows the power of June Jones, with his NFL experience, and his staff.

"It's not every day - not even every year - that a school such as SMU, located in Texas, can beat out the heavy hitters - USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, and Oregon - that are recruiting a kid from the west coast. Moreland had an impressive offer sheet. It's a big deal for SMU and if the program continues to experience success on the field, then they'll certainly continue to be in a good spot in regard to recruiting on a national scope."

More details will be forthcoming on Moreland's commitment.

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