Baddour family is impressed with SMU

"We'd love to have SMU in the Liberty Bowl. June Jones is a special man, the kind of man that I'd like my son to play for," said Chairman of Hospitality at the Liberty Bowl John David Baddour. Recently Baddour and his son Johnny (2011 kicker) took in SMU. Come inside for the story!

Johnny Baddour, a kicker from Houston High School in Germantown, Tennessee, recently visited the SMU campus and he had high praise for the Mustangs.

"I absolutely love SMU," said Baddour. "It's fantastic there. The campus reminds me of a country club. I went to camp at Tulsa and TCU while I was down there too.

"Dallas is great. It's such a huge city. I got the athletic tour at SMU and the coaches want me to send some game tape from this season, so I'll probably do that a few weeks into the season. Obviously, I couldn't kick for them on my visit, so they want to see me in action."

In 2009, Baddour converted 10-of-11 field goals with a long of 39 yards. In addition, he aced 20-of-22 PATs. The senior says that he's currently accurate from up to 53 yards in practice.

"I'm solid from 50 yards now," he said. "We've already started practicing in pads, and I've been making the adjustment after kicking without pads during the offseason. Practice is going really well and I'm lot better on my kickoffs this year. I'm getting 60-to-65 yards on those."

Baddour says that he's receiving interest from SMU, Cornell, Brown, TCU, Tulsa, and Dartmouth, in addition to other schools.

"It's very possible that I'll come down to SMU for a game this year," he said. "A high-scoring offense like SMU has -- that's huge for a kicker."

John David Baddour, father of Johnny, is the Chairman of Hospitality at the Liberty Bowl and a high-ranking member of the Touchdown Club of Memphis.

"I've had that position with the Liberty Bowl for 20 years, since 1989," Baddour said. "I set up the hospitality rooms for the administrators and officials from the two schools and I've seen a lot of teams come through here. It's a good time and I've made friends with so many people through the years. We try to make it a home away from home for the schools that are involved.

"We'd love to have SMU in the Liberty Bowl. June Jones is a special man, the kind of man that I'd like my son to play for. Coach Jones gave a speech at the Touchdown Club of Memphis and it was a testimony about life. A great speech that received a standing ovation."

Baddour said that academics are the first priority for his son.

"Johnny is going to major in Pre-Med and we're looking at schools academically as much or more than for athletics. SMU is a very special school and it's in a great environment in a great part of the city. It's second to none.

"We know that schools only have so much room on scholarship for players and so Johnny is trying to get a President Scholarship."

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