Derouselle seeking a fresh start

Johnelle Derouselle, a former WR/DB for Breaux Bridge, signed with ULM out of high school but things - as is often the case in life - didn't quite turn out as expected. For the past year, the skilled receiver has been back in his hometown, quietly working two jobs as he awaits a chance to find a new school. Find out more about Derouselle, who is looking to continue his career at a JUCO.

When life throws you a lemon, make lemonade. That's what the well-worn cliche says and that's exactly what wide receiver Johnelle Derouselle plans on doing.

A former first-team all-district wide receiver/cornerback for 4A power Breaux Bridge, Derouselle originally signed with ULM in 2008. However, he didn't meet academic requirements as an incoming freshman and things just weren't meant to be in Monroe.

"It was a tough situation," said Derouselle, who caught approximately 35 passes for 500 yards with five touchdowns as a senior on a predominately run-oriented I-formation team at BBHS. "I couldn't work out with the team and it was hard. I needed a total of 24 credits to get eligible and by the summer, I was still two hours short.

"I ran out of money and wasn't able to finish things up there. I couldn't get my transcripts for awhile because I had holds on them, due to financial issues. I've taken care of that though."

In the meantime, Derouselle has kept humble and moved forward with his life.

"I've stayed active and I've had two jobs, first at Taco Bell and now at Sears Automotive Center. I have three years of eligibility remaining and I'm looking for a junior college.

"I'll have to go JUCO and I've been talking to a couple of schools - East Mississippi and Pearl River. I'm not picky about where I need to go next. I'm just looking for somewhere to play and study. I realize that it's probably too late for the fall semester, so I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing here and look for something the following semester."

Derouselle is 6-foot-1, 180 pounds, and runs a 4.49.

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