Q&A with SMU's newest offer

SMU has some stiff competition for this Cali linebacker, but the Mustangs and Coach Klemm have beaten teams in the Pac-10 before. Come inside to hear how his offer went down and his thoughts. If you don't have a PonyStampede.com premium membership, you are missing out!

What did you think when you got offered by Coach Klemm. Did you feel like it was coming?
"I didn't know if it was going to come or not, because the first time I talked with Coach Klemm was about two weeks ago. He told me then they were full at linebacker, but would be watching me. When I called him to check in this week, he said he talked with the defensive coordinator and the head coach and they said they wanted to offer me. So I was really surprised."

They do seem full when looking at their recruiting list, but it sounds like they are making a special exception for you. How does that make you feel?
"Yeah, that is what it seems like. It makes me feel pretty cool. For them to be making an exception for me, it makes me feel pretty special. It's pretty cool."

Do you know much about SMU, or is it just what you have talked about with Coach Klemm?
"It's pretty much just the stuff that Coach Klemm told me, although I have started to look some other stuff up. When I first talked with Coach Klemm, I looked them up because I didn't know much about their football team."

At this point, what is attractive about SMU to you? It seems like you are fairly excited with the offer?
"I'm definitely excited for the offer. Any offer is an exciting thing to me because it opens doors. I think that it's really cool that SMU offered me because in Texas, you don't have to go outside the state. They don't have to leave. Its something that attracts me because Texas is football crazy, but yet they still offered me. A lot of great players went there. I know that Dickerson went there. That's always cool to have a legend. I think it would be a pretty cool place to go."

SMU wants you as a linebacker, what are most schools recruiting you as?
"Most schools guys are wanting me as a outside linebacker/pass rusher type. They can use me off the corner to get heat on the quarterback. In high school, I play defensive end, but in passing league I play linebacker. I actually go to this camp every weekend and I also play linebacker there in 7-on-7s."

I'm assuming you are a smart kid if Stanford is offering and you have the confidence of the SMU coaching staff. What are you looking to major in?
"I'm leaning to business, something business related."

With Coach Klemm offering, he was a guy that was in the NFL and obviously knows what it takes to get there. With that, he probably has an eye for talent. What does it feel like to be recruited by a former NFL player that won Super Bowls?
"Having a guy like that recruiting me definitely holds some weight."

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