Kanipes leads team to victory

College recruiters have told Pearland's Myle Kanipes to send in the tapes from his first two games of the season for evaluation - and there should be plenty of impressive footage from the Oilers' opening-week win over Houston Madison.

"We didn't play as good as we wanted," admitted Myles Kanipes, who plays a smorgasbord of positions for the Pearland Oilers. "We made too many mistakes, but our team chemistry - it's ridiculous."

The Oilers handed Houston Madison a 35-14 loss on Friday night in the opener for each squad.

"Our defense did well," Kanipes continued. "We only allowed about 200 yards of total offense. On the two times they scored, once was after we fumbled at our own five-yard line, and the other was when one of our corners got beat on a deep pass.

"Our quarterback, Trey Anderson, threw for 300 yards. I caught five passes for around 95 yards with a TD. On that play, we had a tall wide receiver lined up on my side and he ran a curl, while I ran a wheel route. One safety bit on the curl, and I was able to shrug off the backside safety for the touchdown."

Kanipes, who was the leading tackler for Pearland last year, does more than catch passes.

"I had around 10 solo tackles with three assists," he said. "They ran the wishbone, as does our opponent next week, Fort Bend Kempner.

"We actually face four teams this year that run the wishbone, which is unusual. Kempner has a good running back (Julius White) who moved to quarterback this year, and they have a big fullback (Vedial Johnson).

"We need to work this week on lining up correctly on defense - making the right shifts against the option. On offense, we need to limit the penalties. We had too many holding calls and that kept us from scoring a couple more times."

According to Kanipes, college recruiters are looking to evaluate some of his senior game film before making a scholarship offer.

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