Tuberville talks SMU

Is SMU playing Tech at just the right time? Between injuries and a new coaching staff, can SMU go into a Lubbock and leave with a victory? We will find out on Sunday. Until then, read what new Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville thinks about the match-up.

Opening statement:

"We need to play. It's time to get going. We have work to do this week in terms of all the small things. Tomorrow will be a fairly physical practice but that'll be it for the rest of the week to get guys back healthy and get all the little things done for all the things that happen before a game. All the little things they need to know that will pay a dividend for us as we get into the first game. I am proud of what the guys have done. They have practiced hard and I couldn't have asked for them to do more than they have done. They've learned a lot but we need to play to find out where we're at: our strengths and weaknesses, and when we do that then we can go back to the practice field the next week and improve on what we did wrong. SMU will be a team that will give us a lot of problems. I always look at teams based on if their head coach as a scheme. June Jones has been in this business a long time. He's coached in pro and college and he's doen the same things. He hasn't done anything different. We'll be able to prepare on what he has done. They will be a lot like us with the same type of philosophy: do things and do them right, do them better each week and try to out execute the other team. We just need to go play and get this game plan put in all the way through and get all the small things worked out, go play a game and see where this team is at."

On holding some things back and not showing a bunch of different looks too early:

"You'll see it all next week. If we need to run things to execute on both sides, then we will. Now we will add a couple of things that may work better against a team we're playing. I think we have a good game plan. We started putting it in about midweek of last week. We've still got four or five days to perfect it. But then again it all changes once you put on that game uniform and you have officials out there and that ball bounces funny. We want to go out and play as mistake free as we can but we know we'll make some mistakes. It's how you overcome those mistakes determines how many games you are going to win."

On handling SMU's veteran offensive line:

" It'll be a huge challenge. The challenge will be getting a pass-rush on this offense. But, you know, first we have to stop the run. Then you have to mix it up and play different types of coverages, which we will. The quarterback is a young guy, who has had some success. He's a pretty seasoned veteran but hopefully we can give him some problems. We have a long time to prepare for this game so we'll see how our game plan matches up with their game."

On his expectations for the season-opener against SMU on Sunday:

"I hope we play well. Usually, if we do that, the other will take care of itself. We've talked very little about SMU, we'll talk very little about New Mexico, and same with Texas. You can't control what they do but you can control how you approach a game, the mental approach, the physical approach. My job is to get them to the point where they can learn and put everything together and play well on Saturdays. Be ready to play on Saturdays and to give them an opportunity to have success and not be a coaching hindrance. In terms of how we call offensive plays, defensive plays, the kicking game, let them relax and have some fun. They have gone through a lot the past seven to eight months and I want them to have fun this week but I also want them to play well. This will be a huge first game impression because there has been a lot of build-up to what we are going to do and what has gone on in the past. The past is over with. The only thing that matters now is what we do going up to this first game and how we play. No matter what happens, we will practice next week and start getting ready for New Mexico."

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