Wimbley leads the charge

During the summer, SMU commit Rishaad Wimbley maintained that Forney High School has arguably the best defense in Texas, and the Jackrabbits backed up that assertion with a 29-0 win over Waco University last week.

"Our defense definitely played well," said Forney defensive tackle Rishaad Wimbley. "They (Waco University) came out in a bunch of funky formations - nothing we had ever seen. They would line up in the spread, but with two backs on the same side of the quarterback.

"They actually tried to take me out with a high/low block on the first play of the game. They got a 15-yard penalty for it and I just had to shake it out.

"I had six or seven tackles and a sack. I had a couple of nice plays on 3rd-and-short and 4th-and-short, when they tried to run at me. Most of the game, they tried to run away from me, but on a couple of short yardage plays, they came at me and I stuffed it."

The Jackrabbits kept University's offense at bay for all four quarters.

"They only had 114 total yards of offense," Wimbley said. "Our offense came along late in the game. The score was only 6-0 for awhile, but we kept hanging three-and-outs on their offense and our running back, Lesley Booker, ended up pounding in three touchdowns.

"This week, we play South Oak Cliff. They were saying at the track meet this spring that they are going to score 50 points on us, so we're ready."

Wimbley's looking forward to the SMU/Texas Tech season opener this weekend.

"I want to see us win," he said of the Mustangs. "I've read where most people think SMU is the underdog, so hopefully we'll prove them wrong."

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