Wall talks about team's first win

Fort Bend Travis and SMU commit Carter Wall defeated Richmond Foster Friday night. Find out what Wall -- who is always colorful and up front with his comments -- had to say about his team's hard-fought victory.

"We started with a promising drive to the red zone," said Fort Bend Travis offensive tackle Carter Wall in regard to his team's 10-3 win over Richmond Foster, "but we had a crucial bust on a play and were forced to settle for a field goal.

"After that, we just couldn't move the football. We kept screwing things up. Our defense was absolutely incredible, but our offense needs to step it up. We can't expect to hold each team to three points, and we can't expect to win each game by only scoring 10 points.

"We need to run between the tackles better. This year, our defense is carrying the team, while our offense carried the team last year. We'll be driving the ball and then one person messes up; and that messes up the whole play. We have to fix that."

Did Wall battle with Houston commit DT Joey Mbu in the trenches last night?

"I blocked him on maybe 10 plays," Wall said. "It was almost entirely on pass plays. I did alright. I hit him downfield on some plays too."

Next week, the Tigers (1-1) host Spring Westfield. Will Wall go head-to-head with Westfield DT Desmond Jackson?

"We haven't watched film of them yet," said the SMU commit, "but I heard that he lines up at the three-tech most of the time. At the team meeting this morning, my name didn't come up when he was discussed, so I don't think I'll be going against him much, if at all."

In the opener, Travis dropped a 21-12 decision to Klein Collins, and Wall has moved on from that game.

"To tell you the truth, I can't even remember what happened that night," he said. "I've put that one out of my mind."

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