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Southern Miss was back to work as they have a big focus week after a loss Saturday at Nebraska. With an off week, the Eagles will go back and evaluate Saturday, while also gearing up for the Conference and home opener the following Saturday. caught up with senior wide receiver Quentin Pierce to talk about the offense and adjustments made after Saturday.

Quentin Pierce is a senior receiver who is looking to be counted on for leadership and stability for several young receivers. When asked to talk about the focus of the offense at practice today, he noted that the entire unit was very upbeat.

"We worked on really being intense today and learning how to play the entire game," the senior receiver said after practice today.

"As a team and as a group we have to learn how to keep the intensity up the entire practice. We got better today, I can tell you that. The practice was positive and there was great intensity from the offense and the coaches today."

As a leader, Pierce knows it is up to him and some of the other seniors to set the pace and demonstrate leadership.

"One of the positives that we took from Saturday is that they really didn't stop us," he said. "We stopped ourselves. Every time we stalled on a drive it was because we were not executing.

"We have a great offense and we have a lot of playmakers on both sides of the ball. Our quarterbacks are able to produce. We just want to stay positive and make those plays when they come to us."

The Eagles must find a way to better move the ball through the air, as they only completed one pass in the second half of the game Saturday against Nebraska.

"We have to learn how to not stop ourselves, and make the plays," he said. "We dropped some key passes Saturday, and that can't happen. We know we have to help our QB's out.

"We are learning and gaining experience as we go. This offense is going to work and be effective, we just have to make those plays we didn't make Saturday."

The good news is that the entire team is positive even after a loss, and knows there is so much to play for this season.

"Everyone is very positive," he said. "Everything we wanted to achieve is right there in front of us. No one is panicked on this team, and you won't find anyone worried. We are going to get it together and get this thing rolling."

The Eagles will be back and practice Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday is still TBD. The will take the weekend off before coming back to game prep week gearing up for the conference and home opener with rival East Carolina.

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