Reed Has Stand-Out Spring

Kalan Reed was needed last season and played as a true freshman. His experience of being "thrown to the fire" early has paid dividends for this season. The talented rising sophomore talked with after spring practice today about his play this spring.

Kalan Reed has really grown a lot in a year.

The talented DB from Birmingham, AL, came in and was forced into action early last season as a freshman because of injuries to players in front of him. The time on the field paid off, as he's competing for a starting job this spring.

"We really got after it for real out there today," Reed said in an interview with after the game today.

"We had a little competition among ourselves. We were talking a little bit too. It helped us to get after it, and we tried to shut them down, and we did!"

Reed said the year of experience has paid big dividends for him confidence wise this spring.

"Man, I feel so much different," he said. "I didn't know what to expect when I came in as a freshman from High School. Everyone seemed like superstars out here and I was a little intimidated.

"I have a year under my belt and I know I can play with anyone who is out here."

He's even taken some leadership in the defensive backfield.

"I try to do everything I can to help out this team," he said. "I have a different demeanor and just know that I can get the job done. My goal is to come out here and be an asset to my team any way I can.

"This year, I'm not afraid to speak up when necessary."

Reed said Coach Pollard has also infused a new level of confidence and intensity into this unit.

"He is also ready for practice, there are no down days around here," he said. "He won't let us get down.

"He knows what he is doing and we trust him because he's been here before and knows what he's talking about. I've already learned a lot from him. We all love this staff."

Football, Reed says, has taken on a brand new feel this year.

"Football is fun again," he said. "We are having a great time out here. We have the music pumping and everyone is very high intensity. It has been fun getting after it like we have this spring, and it will pay off in the fall."

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