T.J. McGinnis talks about his future with the Eagles

T.J. McGinnis reacts to the news of Coach Monken leaving for Tampa Bay..

T.J., McGinnis was as surprised as anyone to receive the news of Coach Monken Sunday morning.  

The phone call he received from Coach Pollard was not one he was expecting.

"Coach Pollard called me and gave me the news of Coach Monken and told me he wanted me to know before the news broke on social media," he told GoldenEaglePride.com. 

"I was so surpsied because I spent the day with Coach Monken Saturday and he really sold me on the program, and I left committed to Southern Miss."

Now that the news has settled, does it change anything for McGinnis and his standing with the Eagles?

"I'm still fully committed to Southern Miss," he confirmed.

"The way I see it I haven't played a snap there and I'll be coming in new.  There will be a new coach but that is just fine.  I committed to the school and coaching changes happen and you know that going in.  I'm still going to sign with Southern Miss."

McGinnis said he believes the team will be just fine moving forward.

"I got to meet other commits and players for Southern Miss," he said.  "I was so impressed with the character of these guys and I know they will stick together and we will be strong next year.  All the commits were excited about Southern Miss and we are going to be a class that comes in with a new coach together."

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