Southern Miss goes up north to find a talented LB who fits the Southern Miss mold

Southern Miss extends an offer to talented LB in Pennsylvania..

Southern Miss head Coach Jay Hopson came to the program as a former Defensive Coordinator for USM, and he's seen his share of salty LB's.  Suffice to say, he knows a good one when he sees one.  

He's certainly found one in a state Southern Miss doesn't get up to very often, Pennsylvania.  This certainly proves this staff will leave no stone unturned in finding talent.  

Today, the Eagles offered Major Jordan of North Schuylkill HS in Ashland, PA.  

Interestingly, the two found each other on twitter and started the relationship from there.

"I had a coach follow me on twitter and I followed them back and we started exchanging info, then I sent them my film to see what might happen," Jordan told tonight.  

"They got back to me pretty soon, and told me that they watched my film as a staff and they loved it and wanted to offer me a scholarship.  I was so honored to get an offer from Southern Miss.  I never thought, being so far up north, that such a great school would come all the way up to find me and offer me.  It really was a great feeling and I'm very excited."

Jordan is the type of player, especially at LB, that fits the mold of a "nasty bunch" throwback defender.  

"The term 'throwback' linebacker is a big time compliment to me," he said.  

"I think it goes back to the way I was raised and my ancestors, who were all coal miners.  They know toughness and they know hard work.  They would come home covered in dirt and dust after sweating and they really knew nothing but hard work.  That's the type of mentality I try to bring every day to the football field.  

"A football player is made in the off-season.  That is where I put the work in, each and every day.  I'm a throw back because I put my heart and soul into every time I step on the field."

He's certainly excited about the opportunity he will have to play at the next level.

"What a blessing," he said.  

"Education is most important to me, I have a 4.0 GPA right now.  To think that I have the opportunity to get a good education and play football is really something I'm excited about.  There is really nothing like being out there on the football field.  I'm honored I'll get to continue playing at the next level."

Jordan said he's also picked up an offer to Cornell from the Ivy League.  He also is hearing from Wake Forest and Boston College.  

"Education is most important," he says of his future school.  "Football won't last forever and I need that education.  Beyond that, I want a place where I can fit in and have a great relationship with my coaches and the school. 

"I can't wait to visit Southern Miss to find out more about it."

Highlights of Major Jordan here:  LINK

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