Devin Farrior talks about his start to the spring

Davin Farrior talks about his start to spring practice after two in the books...

Devin Farrior is now a veteran on the offensive line.  The redshirt Junior now has several years under his belt and has also been through several coaching changes.

Fortunately, he's come out better for it and is ready to be a leader on the interior of the offensive line.  It started with the hard work he put in during the winter work-out season.

"I'm feeling really good coming in to this spring," Farrior told

"This winter the older guys were sectioned out so they really pushed us hard and got us ready for the spring.  The older guys they wanted to see us make some big gains strength wise and the younger guys were really focused on technique.  They really got us focused individually on what we needed to do so it was great."

Southern Miss has only been through practice #2, but the installation is going smoothly under new Coach Jay Hopson.  In shorts and helmets and cooler temps, they are building on the momentum from last season's C-USA championship game and bowl game birth.  

Farrior knows he's being counted upon to help ease the transition with a few changes on the offensive line.

"It is different because being older I have to really coach the younger guys and show them how it is going to be," Farrior said.

"I know I have to step up and be the leader of the offensive line.  We will have two new guys on the outside but we have the three on the interior that I feel like are real solid and are being looked to for leadership.  Since I've had the game experience I have to be ready for questions.

"It is different for me because I've always looked to the guys ahead of me, but now I've realized I'm that guy and I have to step in and take that role."

He's also making the adjustment from Coach Meadows to Coach Wright.

"Adjusting to Coach Wright is going well, he has some different calls and stuff like that but we are going to make the adjustment," he said.

"We had a great coach last year that I feel like has really prepared us for this transition.  Coach Wright is very open and he's great to try new things and he's always asking us what we think and what works.  I think the line of communication has been really good early."

Jay Hopson has also been pleased with the early installation of the offense.

"It is going well," he said after practice.

"For the 2nd straight day I thought we executed pretty well for a shorts day offensively in the spring.  There weren't a lot of balls on the ground.  I thought Nick did a great job with some of his reads, and like anything else, we just have to polish it up.  I think the retention has been really good."

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