Michael Scott has plenty of options, as he holds 24 offers

Southern Miss has offered talented LB Michael Scott, who talks about the latest with GoldenEaglePride.com.


Big time North Florida Christian HS rising senior Michael Scott is racking up the offers.  With the Southern Miss offer, his latest, he's now up to 24.  

Despite all the attention, Scott is keeping himself grounded and is staying humbled as well.  

"I am working hard right now on learning a new position of LB," he told GoldenEaglePride.com.

"I'm working on my size and explosiveness and my understanding of the game.  I want to look the part and play the part, and increase my football IQ.  Last year I was mostly a defensive end, pass rushing guy, but this year I'm a true LB.

"I have to make reads and see everything in front of me.  You have to read the guard and read the running backs, which is a lot different from defensive end.  I've been studying the game and some great LB's so that has helped me a lot."

Despite his many offers, he maintains that every one that has offered has a chance at him.

"I'm pretty much open to all of them," he said.  

"My parents and I have had some in depth discussions and we are taking a look at everything when it comes down to me making a decision.  They are helping me walk through the process. 

"For me it is just about talking to the coaches and keeping in contact with everyone.  I just want to find the right fit."

The process is not overwhelming to him right now.  

"It is an enjoyable time and it is nice to be wanted," he said.  

"The only part that is difficult is trying to keep in contact with everyone.  I always have to get back with coaches and that is the most stressful thing.  The recruiting process in general is pretty fun."

The latest to offer is the Southern Miss Golden Eagles.

"I am learning a lot about them," he said.  "I watched the C-USA championship game and I saw they certainly have some explosive players.

"I know they have some NFL draft prospects and they put players in the NFL.  I also know that Brett Farve went there and they have a nice history and winning tradition.  I know it is a really good school overall.  We had a representative come and talk to us about the school and I really liked what I heard."

Scott said he hopes to make a decision before the start of his senior season so he can focus just on playing the game and not worry about the recruiting process.  

The Eagles have also offered Ja'Varius Harrison who will play along side him at LB.  (Related Story: Eagles Offer FL LB)

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